Friday, April 29, 2016

some iphony black and whites & wallet mems with dad!

last night we had the greatest of pleasures of going on a din date with my daddy dearest! who just so happens to be in town for some biz things! i love when our paths cross like that and any and all time i get to spend with him. even if its just for a couple of hours, i will take it!!  and so we got to eat din on the prettiest of april evenings, outside with a band playing nearby and it really was the best. he makes me so proud to be his!! for a lot of reasons. but for one! i love all the sentimental things he keeps in his wallet [i am so his daughter!] he has a whole bunch from all the years that have passed but two he pulled out to show us.... a picture of my then tweleve year old little hockey playing brother from 2000! a good sixteen years he  has had that! so cute his little blonde self. and then he showed me bits of an old note from about nine years ago when my mom, dad, and i traveled down south to look at colleges! i was starting to narrow down my college search and we had just finished din one evening on the ole miss campus when  he wrote something along the lines of "we went to ole miss this morning. where will big c be - we want to know" and then we all signed it :)) [big c is a name my brother has called me for a long long time and so yes! that is me! it sure does wonders for your self esteem ;)] and how funny to see that after all these years! i remember us signing that little note and i had no idea he still had it! and even neater, to be seeing it for the first time in nine years sitting next to my husband! who i met at alabama! who i would have never met if i had chosen ole miss! thoughts like that are really crazy to me and make me thankful for everything that has led me to today <3 and roll tide. i love you dad!!! [and mom. and bri. and col ;)]

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

snippets of lately


welllllll hey! blog of mine! i miss you!  gosh its hard to keep up with you these days. which makes me sad because i love looking back on all my frozen in time mems and seeing where life has taken me and us in the past five [!!] years of life and documenting such! and with it being march i have gone back and read a few rambles from our baseball days which bring me right back to those moments. ohh those basebally moments! march was always such a tricky month for me and my heart because it always meant saying good bye to my baseballer of a boyfriend, i really don't miss those goodbyes. they make me want to run back in time real quick fairy god mother style and hug myself because geeez!! those were hard times! but then daylight savings and warmness and spring would come to the rescue just when i would be like #SOS!! and that would carry me on through. emotionally dependent on the weather, check! and while so much has changed since those days, that is one thing that has not. give me all the sun and blue skies and warm weather forever, amen.

Monday, February 15, 2016

once upon a bachelorette


pre marriage, i traveled to fort lauderdale with my best, best ladies to celebrate my bachelorette weekend! documenting in present day, ooooo for a while now its not my strong suit these days (turning into years !!) but always, lots of remembering to do as well so! this bach of mine! it had been in the works since probably right after austin and i got engaged, girls are soo on top of it like that. we rented a house in ft lauderdale right near the beaches and night life with its own little pool. there are a million things i suuuuuuuure would love to share, but what happens in fourt lauderdale stays in fourt lauderdale? yes i think that's how the saying goes. really, we just had the best, best time the entire weekend. so many funny events and people meeting and mainly, i felt so incredibly loved and special the entire weekend and that was 100% because of these sweet, beautiful, so hilariously funny people i got to celebrate with <3

Monday, February 1, 2016

let them eat (wedding) cake!

i do miss the days where i could really keep up with life here! i do. but i am happy i have so many frozen in time and my camera and phone by me at most times! sooo going back to last september! when we celebrated our one year anniversary. we traveled to greenville for the weekend, wanting to escape and we could not have had more fun. just us two. it was one of my favorite trips. [more on all of that later. i hope!] and when we got back! we finally opened up our wedding cake from one whole year ago! we were a little bit hesitant to take a look because we had no idea what kind of shape it was in! for one thing, the poor cake has been through a lot. moving out of our apartment and into our new homey, then finding its new home in our freezer, to then learning the freezer froze shut and the only way to get it open was to turn it off and letting it defrost, to then saving the cake by putting it in a cooler until we could get it to stone's mema's house and into her freezer! poor thing. so it wasn't in the prettiest of shape, but it still tasted so good!! gosh it was beautiful cake. and we still have a little part of it for year 2, and im willing to bet it will for sure be in worse shape ;) ha, oh well, let them eat cake! and we did. and we shared a little with charlie :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

once upon a time ;)

a few fall engagement pictures from an engagement many moons ago! and gosh, delay. i know. but they were saved as a draft that i forgot i had and well i love them so and must document for one day to peek on back on.  we had so much taking these with austin's sister in law behind the camera :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

a candy card! for a bday father-in-law gent!

my father-in-law turned seventy years young last month. and so!! when such an event occurs, you must channel all your future room parenting skillz and candy card create! and that is just what i did to send a sweet bday wish to a sweet man <3 i've made a time or two and it hasn't failed me yet! we love him to the milkyway and back!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


aaand, thirty b-day mems and sentiments!! because i feel it all and hold them so close! 

1. every year on my birthday my dad would come home with roses. every year. my first birthday until i got married! then he handed that flowery bday torch to my husband dearest [except this year! year 30 they sent me the prettiest bouquet of flowers]
2. celebrating my twentieth birthday at alabama with an all pink birthday party. pink literally everywhere. and everyone dressed in pink. oh i loved it so!!
3. my first kiss as a twenty-one year old was to my future boyfriend/finance/husband/bff
4.when my mom was in labor and my parents were rushing to the hospital, my dad was pulled over by a cop. ha! and hey! they got out of a ticket! and were escorted to the hospital ;)
5. my tea party birthday where my littlest girlfriends came over, dressed in our fanciest of clothes and cheersed some juice and crumpets ;) all the while my parents were dressed as maid and butler ha! hashtag bless their sweeeeet hearts <3
6. instead of cake on my bday i have always had rice krispy ice cream pie! i wasnt much of a cake fan growing up and so my mom started making it and it stuck, i eat it every year. traaaadition!
7. speaking of cakes!! oooh back in our golden college days, one of my dearest bffs would always make me the very best cakes! homemade cakes! one year it resembled a grilled cheese! and one year it was a bikini [..story for another time]
8. my 25th birthday celebration where a big poster with pictures shaped into the number 25 graced my life made by this girl! and austin managed to carry it to every place we went that night and it made it home too!  oh! and the hello kitty cupcakes from my breastie!  
9. my college roommates and i dressing in all black on my 22nd birthday because ughhh old age! ;)
10. all the birthday work surprises: decorated cubicles, notes throughout the office [like chelsea's throne posted on the bathroom door, ha] cakes, balloons, confetti, etccc!
11. my murder mystery  party! where we sent tape recordings out as the invite and were dressed in character as we solved the latest murder mystery in the healy household. [only to end up  finding my dad - dead - in the bathroom! with blood [ketchup!] all over him]
12. birthday breakfasts with austin - from the donuts with candles in them to breakfasting at one of our favorite spots
13. celebrating the last year of my twenties and my very first birthday as chelsea coleen hyatt
14. getting a car for my sixteenth birthday. but! a cardboard car ;) after din, i opened a gift from my sister to find car keys! i looked around like whaaaat is even going on!?! i was told to check the garage and when i ran and opened the door, i saw a big cardboard car. my sister had made me my own little car, complete with license plate saying SWT16 and all :)
15. all my bday cards from my dearest puppy boy charlie who is always so good with words
16. friendly's bday din - consisting of grilled cheese - mozzarella sticks - and root beer! ha, my mom let us choose whatever we wanted for our bday din. so ordering out from friendly's it was! give the girl what she so simply wants!
17. my 16th birthday! a surprise party at a hotel, my first and only surprise party! i thought we were looking at a hotel room for my friends upcoming b-day until we walked in and suuuuurprise!
18. i think it was my  tenth party where we put whipped cream in a dish and pied each other in the face, ha. who knows why. but i remember this one soo clearly and loved it.
19.the different kinds of flower arrangements my parents have sent me over the years [shaped like a dog /birthday cake/the alabama box and vase]
20. my first year living in atlanta and rooming with my college roommate turned real-world roommate and waking up to see she had decorated the whole apartment :) 
21. ...which makes me miss middle school / high school and coming into school on your birthday to find your locker decorated and sooo many posters! oh posters! i still have some!  i remember spending hours making them for other friend's birthdays
22. my sweet bloggin' mom and the posts she writes on my birthday, they are the very best and make my heart the happiest, mom goalz for real!!
23. my whole twenty-first birthday week! birthdays are so special for a million different reasons, but that bday! we celebrated the whole week. it was the week we ran into austin and his friends and was truly what started the beginning of him & i. it was such a fun and precious time in my life. and i'd say that whole dating thing turned out pretty well
24. all the half birthday celebrations that have graced my life throughout the years. and the dear friends that remember them!
25. birthday cards! oh i have sooo many to date. it's so hard for me to throw away. and definitely all the little cards austin has written me over the past nine years!
26. seeing titanic in the theater with my girlfriends on my birthday! and being sooo crazy obsessed with it afterwards!
27. turning a quarter of a century old and really just saying that as much as i could
28. ordering an alcoholic drink at my bday din as a newly twenty-one year old and being sooo proud to show that ID! and buying beer. because, when in rome, you know??
29. this year! for my thirtieth birthday my mom sent letters to so many friends and family asking them to write on the back of a pre-addressed postcard. she had attached a picture of me throughout different stages of life on each one. i have been receiving post card after postcard for the past couple of days and it truly has been one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me!! but more on that later ;)
30. anddd really just feeling so very special and adored and loved and appreciated. it makes your heart grow ten sizes, i tell you! and i am sooo very thankful to have that kind of love from these great people in my life.