Friday, December 12, 2014

life things as of lately!

well hey! memory documentor of mine. life these daysweeksmonths have just been busy! i suppose that that does tend to happen when you mix in a wedding, honeymoon, new jobby and the buying of a house in a span of three-ish months! so, future chelsea self, here are just a couple of little 4x4 iphone photos to document some key, key things! like the painting of our home. the seller had a couple of rooms painted a light turquoise color - mainly the kitchen and while i sure do love me some turquoise, not so much in the kitchen. so pre moving in we were painting maniacs. but its done! thanks for your help char ;) and thanksgiving! we spent it in atlanta this year with stone's familia. since we had to miss my family's woodys walk pre meal in connecticut, we took our own! becauseeee, traditions ;) every year my dad has us pause in silence for one quiet minute to soak in all the goodness and give thanks and so us hyatts made sure to do just that. except, had to start the clock all over again because our little walk was by a golf course and in our minute of thankfulness a golf ball landed right in the middle !!! dangerous those minutes of silence. but we completed and then we were off to eat and give thanks and visit with some family loves. the next morning brought us black friday. i've never done the whole black friday shopping, get up early thing, but there were a couple of things stone was showing me in the newspaper at lowes and since it was right down the street from us, okay fineeee let's go. [but first. coffee] and so at 6ish we popped on over and left with a whole cart full of things. but my favorite purchase was definitely the outdoor heater. it's a necessity i tell you! and lucky enough stone is so handy and could put that all together with really no assistance from this girl. so! a couple of random recaps, yay :) the end! happy weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

keeping with tradition!


our pine beauty is up! and so sparkly and cozy! it's the first married christmas for us newlyweding hyatts and with that, more tradition things. because why do i ever do what i do ;) soo as this one goes, for thirty-three years, my parents wedding ornament has always been the very first ornament they hang on the christmas tree. growing up, we would always wait for the kat and paul wedding ornament version to be hanging from the very top before we claimed our favorite ornament spots [middle school chelsea would never put anything higher than my parents ornament, but she would always make sure her chelsea ornaments were higher than a certain colin's or brianna's hehe] its a sweet tradition and in a ways its like the cutting of a big fancy red ribbon to say, we are open! open for holiday celebrating and tree decorating and all things cheery and merry and bright.  

i think over the scope of a lifetime of christmas' our tree has fallen twice. and with its fall, down went the ornaments too, including my parents wedding one. hitting the floor and breaking their beautiful heads off! sad. sad. sad! luckily, glue rescued it for them/us/everyone. [and one year, it tried falling again, but superkat got their just in time, and i really do love her telling of this story]

so christmas 2014! my dearest mommy gifted austin and i with our own wedding ornament. and we made sure it was the very first one on our tree. and that's how it shall remain. this year, next year, and forever and always, amen.  

Monday, November 24, 2014


i do nooot like getting behind on my important family stuff. and i really don't like missing out on anything worth obsessing over, but i have been a bit distracted as of lately with so much moving, working, newlyweding going on! sooo! for a while now, i have been dying to find a way to watch one of my sweet cousins, rosemary, in a performance she had a couple of weeks ago with her a capella group, sweet signatures. and low and behold! there were a couple of videos floating around the interwebs! yay, yay! so, this morning i finally got to watch one of rosie's solo's - a rendition of jason durulo's "trumpets"  and ......chills! it made my heart so incredibly happy and PROUD! [i cried happy tears. ha! happy crying, it's my thing]

i remember having this particular song stuck in my head on our wedding day as i was getting ready with my loves, so i've loved it for a while. but thiiiis version. oh its even better. sung by the most gorgeous talent and girl...i can not stop playing. so i won't ;) aaand then! then, i stumbled on more video footage from this performance of theirs, so clearly. date tonight with some unpacking of boxes and the sweet signatures]  rosie!! we are so, so proud of your incredible self and can not wait to see moooore! <3

Friday, November 21, 2014


it was saturday, october 4th. and i remember that quite clearly for a whole bunch of reasons! for one, it happens to be the b-day of one of my dearest, bestest friends and also... alabama football played that afternoon, and lost. which does not happen!! so, not a happy memory! but a memory nonetheless. but it did help a whole lot that on this october 4th, my husband and i were indeed honeymooning in the british virgin islands! staying at scrub island, the most beautiful gem of an island [where we so amazingly got to watch the alabama game!... in the bvi's.... outside at the resort bar ... i mean!!! technology is the coolest] so! with the ending of that game being not so in our favor, us honeymooners were o-v-e-r anymore football watching for the rest of the day. plus! we had important things to get back to! like sunbathing and exploring.

that night, while getting ready for din, wi-fi graced us with its lovely presence and so while austin beat me in the getting ready process like he usually does, he googled his normal austin things. he happened to come across a townhouse back in atlanta that had just come on the market that very day.  atl real estate, it  miiight be a funny thing to google, ha! but not really when you are austin p. hyatt, and not really when him and his lady [me!] have been looking for the past couple of months. because apt life! you were fun! but we have been feeling pretty ready to say our good-byes. so yes, he came across this one sweet townhouse. in the same neighborhood we had looked at prior. right in buckhead, an area we love and just so happened to be two miles from his workey and three from mine! we knew it would not be on the market for very long. little homes like that, in this particular area always, always go fast! [which we found out firsthand once or twice! but everything happens for a reason! and i'm a million times thankful for that or else we would have never had come across this particular homey.]

but since we weren't flying back until monday, we just sort of left it hanging in our minds until we headed home to the us-of-a. we still had some honeymooning to do! when we arrived home we were happy to see that it was still on the market! which seems sort of silly to say, because only two days had passed! what can happen in two days! [a lot i tell you!]

austin's brother, our handy dandy real estate agent set us up to tour the townhouse the very next day. and we loved it!! like we knew we would. we ended up making an offer that very night, eeeek! except, it seemed other couples had the same idea, because the sellers received not only our offer, but four others that tuesday evening! we were then asked to submit our best and final offer by the next morning, which we did. and then tick tock went the clock -- well into wednesday morning... afternoon... evening. and our patience and hope just grew thinner. until stone called me and put me out of my misery. he sounded all down and depressed until he said - we got it! tricky hyatt! tricky. 

it was the most exciting, happy feeling! and while i wanted to shout it from the mountain tops, i knew i should probably keep those lips of mine sealed until you know, it was really really official. and by gosh, last friday it was! we closed! i swear i thought that friday would never get here. ever. time seemed to move ever so slow. but closing day arrived! and with it, made us first time homeowners! 

i've pictured that moment, the one where you enter your first home with your husband for the first time, and im pleased to say it played out just as i hoped ;) with stone carrying me over the threshold [i've seen toooo many movies!] and having our first family din, picnic style on the floor of the house [from a yummy pizza place right down the road, which i can fore see me becoming quite a groupie regular] ...anyways, the end!! [or well really, the beginning!]

Thursday, November 6, 2014


on our first married Halloween we decided to dress up as hippy loving flower children. i'll usually come up with a few random ideas every october and then see which one austin likes the best because he's always, always surprising me. [likeee the one year when we were vampires and he painted his face white, or another year when we were the fourth of july/america lovers and he dressed in full uncle sam costume [white beard and all. including making his own top hat, ha!] and since a part of me really identifies with the peace and love generation i was mooore than happy when he said "lets do 70's, that's who you are at heart!" aaand it was decided. so yes, i love, love my october. all our traditions aaaand the Halloween holiday. every time it arrives i am the happiest and then its over! and the next morning i wake up and feel just... ugh, a bit it-went-by-way-toooo-fast sad! because costumes are fun and difficult to pull off on any day other than 10.31!!

the sunday after Halloween had gone and left us and brought with it November, we decided to finally carve our pumpkins. ha, backwards! but October was a crazy one for us - we have our excuses!! so while carving is a prettier word, the more accurate here would be "gutting." we gutted those pumpkins and that word - yup its the right one! cause that whole process is not the prettiest. and a lot messy. but we love our pumpkin seeds and none will go to waste in our house!! so our priorities were really - gut pumpkin, ever so carefully save the seeds, bake, eat! and eat and eat. i probably got way to much enjoyment over setting it all up and having charlie lie down and explain the whole process to him. [flashbacks to when i was younger and would talk to barbies/non living things] but charlie is living! so moving in the right direction. and plus stone was right behind us as our observing audience. char was pretty interested. and investigated that pumpkin per usual. once the pumpkin was all gutted and sitting there so sad and lonely i decided to at least carve something into it... anything! but with it being November its life would be a bit short lived. so i carved in an H for our hyatt-y home. and i quickly learned, pumpkin carving.. not my thing! it's always stones job and his job it shall remain! but time was a-tickin' with the end of pumpkin season quickly approaching. but oh was it nice seeing that baby all lit up when the lights were dimmed, sooo cozy. which made me that much more excited for the Christmas lights riight around the corner!! i see you Christmas!! but first thanksgiving ;)

*and side note! that last little pic of my pirate puppy is from  a november day last weekend. still in costume he was. and on a morning coffee run through the einstein brothers drive-thru the employees died over it and his sweetness and gave him a whole doggy bagel biscuit, fo free! so i explained to him that that was what trick-or-treating is like. and he approved. until next year halloween! and see you tonight, pumkin seeds!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

one year ago!

one year ago yesterday, my stone got down on one knee and asked this girl of his to marry him. aaaaand! i did ;) the past year has been the best yet. so many life changes! so many good ones. its really amazing to look back. there are some dates that will forever stay with you. take you back in time and make you feel exactly how you felt in that moment. and november first will always be one of those life changing, memorable ones for this girl. and that boy  ;)

Friday, October 31, 2014

yummy mummy!

my tradition love tank is full! and so are weee! yummy mummys have become an octobery tradition of ours and since october started for us on a beach honeymooning in the british virgin islands its sort of been a whirlwind and passed in the blink of an eye. so this week! we have been squeezing in all my favorite tradition things. mmm! happy happy halloween st to all you ghouls!!