Thursday, July 28, 2016

manomet snippets!

little photo mems from our time at the beach this past june! i am used to sneaking in at least one good manomet trip every summer, and its always in august because that's when all my aunts and uncles and cousins and family friends roll on in! but this year! we snuck in two trips. best idea yet! [well that. and the whole getting tickets to the counting crows one. oh and taking stone's 30th b-day off from work! we have had a lot of good ones this year as it turns out!] so we were able to long weekend it back in june, spending one day just us! which we've never done surprisingly! and then spending the rest of our time with my parents. it was so nice! and come next week, we are headed on back!! but this time, to be reunited with so many family faces in the our very favorite of places! and that!!! is really what makes manomet, manomet. the family-ness. its my favorite part!! and the pirating. and happy hours on the beach during golden hour. and, and....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

one summer night with my past & future!


i have so many mems listening to the counting crows growing up! in manomet and with my family and from concerts as a seventeen year old version of myself. they just bring me right back to those times and i love them so!! and as it turns out, last night they were playing about a mile from our housey! so we got tickets, of course! and it was the best.  there is a lyric of theirs that sums me up so very well: i can't remember all the times i tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as these pass! seriously, me=always. those moments are never lost of me. i think if your heart beats like mine then its such an important thing to soak them up and appreciate them and so thats just what we did. concert going with my husband! in the future! all the while having flashbacks to being a seventeen year old girl at a concert of theirs in connecticut many moons ago! some things change. and some stay the same. thank goodness for both! my brother says songs that are nostalgic are  good for the soul.and he is right! it was so good for my soul!  so thanks counting crows! and see you next time!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

frozen iphony moments!


mid july! how did that happen? also, thank goodness for the iphone because it helps me to remember all these mems that have been happening in our world as of lately.<3

Thursday, July 14, 2016

a few more to add to your beach readin list!

i've been trying to keep a list of books i've read lately because i tend to forget them! and not because they weren't great or i wasn't hooked, because that's usually never the case! i really should just pay more attention to the titles to be honest, but they are all the same sometimes! [orphan train, girl on the train, the daughter, the stranger, the dinner, you get the point!] and so someone will recommend a book and i will read the summary and be like wait a minute, i've already read this. so i've got to set myself straight these days!! anyways! i'm currently reading the hypnotists love story [another one recommended by my mom!] and it is so good!! i really, really can't put it down! and as a quick side note, yes. yes i bought it's not okay by the former bachelorette! i definitely veered of course with this one as its not something i would usually read. but if you are going to tempt me into the bachelor psyche and breakup details of said couple who we spent two hours every monday night watching, then fine, i will take that bait for $9.99, please.  so enjoy!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

blondes have more fun but!!

brunettes can read! ha ;) says my old abercrombie and fitch shirt. [oooh abercrombie, my mom miss you and your store loudness never!] anyways, reading doesn't discriminate, yay books! i've been a big bookworm my whole life and its been far far too long since i have gathered up and documented some really good ones i've read as of lately! i love book discussing and recommendations and so if you like all those things too, then hey, happy reading!

so here are a few that i've read lately that have either made me laugh. or cry. or given me nightly nightmares. whyyy do i do such things to myself? but all were good and worth recommending [and strangely enough all seem to have the word 'the' in front of them] and while i usually don't like playing favorites, i really, really loved eight hundred grapes.  my mom recommended it and she has yet to let me down! i want to go back and just highlight so many good life reminders and quotes!   tis the season of beach time reading! ppps eight more book recs coming your way!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

the greatest gift...

"the greatest gift a man can give his children is the gift of time"

happy sixtieth birthday to this gem of a dad who has given us so much of his time and love and life!  we love him so so much! and are so proud to be his!

pps. that last picture! it always makes me laugh. most likely taken right after austin and i said goodnight and were whisked away to the land of honeymoon, he's like hey, hey, heyyy, she's all yours, hyatt! ;) 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

a manomet to do!

part of my family will be in manomet for the fourth while us hyatts travel to nash! and since some of their friends have never been i thought, a manomet to-do was in order!  and because frozen in time mems and lists are some of my favorite. so! in no particular order! and you can certainly partake in these activities several, several times ;) because its the beach and there are no rules at the beach! 

have a drink in the adirondack chairs! and if its a cocktail you are wanting, have the resident bartender, dad! make it. he likes to! and he's pretty darn good at it. ppps if you time it right, you get a pretty magical sunset

shower in the outdoor shower. ahhh!! forget cleanliness, its just so freeing and bright and a one with nature kind of thing. and if your tall enough, you can see the point from the shower!

have lunch at the bluff bar [my recommendation is of course, turkey with cheese, lettuce and miracle whip! and some cool ranch doritios ;)]

swim to and jump off flat rock! it's going to be cold, really cold! just embrace you inner survival person

take a walk during low tide. and bonus points! look for hermit crabs [they are everywhereee] austin and i always like to see who can find the biggest. ha


explain white man, son of, wife of, cheese boy, boat boy, tan man, sugar shack, fancy house, idlewild. i'm sure i'm missing some! [bonus points!! point out sugar shack, fancy house and idlewild. i like to quiz austin on all of these things now that he has been a couple of times, he's got it down!]

drive dad's car, roof down, to the lobster pound!

walk to breakfast [french toast, please!!] and stop at the airplane tree. or well whats left of it

happy hour on the beach with kat's mason jar margaritas

get ice cream at gellar's and then stop at luke's liquors. of course :) 

campfire on the beach!

walk to the witches house. or well at least point it out :) that's my lazy version when i have a really good book and sun and just can't pull myself away

and well, i'm probably forgetting a bunch but hey that's a good start!