Friday, February 24, 2017

aloha, maui!

^^ mama's fish house!

bye, bye, maui! forget us not!

flashing back to our time in hawaii!! because Maui mems are some of the best. we loved getting to experience everything Waikiki beach and Honolulu had in store for us but Maui! it was more our speed! we arrived at the Honolulu airport about an hour before our flight and only in Hawaii would they offer to let us on an earlier flight with ten minutes to take off :)  and so we we walked on out to the tiniest plane we have ever been on. and we have been on tiny before! for our honeymoon. but this one was even smaller, seating about eight people. so we weren't quite sure what to make of it right away but really we ended up loving it. it was so much fun to see everything from up above and so beautiful!  soon enough we arrived [safely!!!] in Maui :) yay. we rented a car which i recommend! because everything is a bit more spread out it so it made getting from here and there so much easier.

we stayed at the Hyatt Regency and were properly laid with the most beautiful flowers. and of course i actually brought mine back and dried it :) [tangible mems!! always] maybe not my best flower drying job considering it was hard to cart on top of a carry on and bunch of luggage but i did it! besides the usual beaches/pools [so many to choose from! watersides! oh my]/soaking up the warm sun and yummy mai tais, we made sure to attend an luau one night. it was so great! all you can eat buffet and some really great performances. the fire twirling was pretty amazing. all the while the sun was setting in the background, so beautiful. we also made sure to go to mama's fish house one afternoon for lunch which was recommended to us by family! and now i get it!  it has so much character and so much beauty. and the food, while more expensive, was so yummy. it really is a must. we also really enjoyed exploring Lahiana, a historic town with a lot of fun shops and good restaurants.

and on our very last day we headed to the tiny airport and waited for the equally as tiny plan to arrive. and right as it did, a rainbow appeared! i cant think of a better way to end a really great trip. except little did we know that our Hawaii fun would be extended for twenty-four more hours..... to be continued ;)

a few Maui recommendations:
Mama's Fish House - you'll be so happy you did!

Leiani's - so convenient if you are staying at the Hyatt or other string of hotels! and the food was so. good. [hula pie, please!]

Fleetwood's on Front St. - loved this place, live band and fun happy hour!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

v-day with my v-tine, year ten!

ten years of valentines days i've gotten to spend with my numero uno valentine! oh time, how you fly. from our dinner dates in tuscaloosa as boyfriend and girlfriend to now, living in the future, as wife and husband, doing adult things! for the past couple of years we have spent our valentines day at home, making din, which honestly, is my favorite way to spend it. but i do like our din dates! so last saturday we went to a fancy din to celebrate early, without the big day of love crowd of people :) and on monday, we celebrated early again with austin's favorite way, king crab legs! just like a few years ago! give the girls some flowers and a card. give the boy some king crab legs. that is the equivalent :) austin says he want to make that a tradition and i am a-okay with that :) on actually valentines day besides the norm that is work, we dinned that evening at home on chickfila - oh so romantic! before dashing off to a concert (jamestown revival!) with some of autins fam. but there was a lot of love. so, success! i hope yours was sweet!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

saturday strollin

the other saturday morning we put on our layers and headed to our favorite little park for breakfast and to walk with charlie. its my favorite saturday morning tradition, although, i do love it most when its warm. and while we were there, there were baseball tryouts going on! i love how full of life and activity that park is during the warmer months and walking by the football and baseball games on satuday mornings. but this whole trying out thing, so nerve racking! getting up in front of everyone having to show your stuff, ehh not my most favorite thing to do.  we sat on the side and watched for a good bit actually. it was fun to watch with austin and have him relive those memories of being a similar age and trying out. once we pulled ourselves away and got to park strollin we let charlie take one quick dip in the stream nearby. nothing makes him happier or gives him a crazy burst of energy. looking forward to more park breakfasts and walks this spring!! come on sun and warmth! we are ready for you.

Friday, January 27, 2017

chelsea l a t e l y....

some snippets from lately as told by my iphone [for the most part!]... trips to the mountain, celebrating my father in law's bday with a home cooked din and cherry pie, banana chocolate chip muffin baking, charlie kisses, attending the alabama/washington bowl game!, birthday celebrating a friend of ours and austin getting to wear her pink crown for a quick second :), a trip to nashville, saturday mornings with sprinkled donuts, netflix watching [the crown!] and all that life jazz!