Friday, October 31, 2014

yummy mummy!

my tradition love tank is full! and so are weee! yummy mummys have become an octobery tradition of ours and since october started for us on a beach honeymooning in the british virgin islands its sort of been a whirlwind and passed in the blink of an eye. so this week! we have been squeezing in all my favorite tradition things. mmm! happy happy halloween st to all you ghouls!! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

orange din for two!

the other night we had our annual orange din. my faaaavorite! my mom would make it every october growing up and so you know.. traditions... continue we must! [and we have! 2011, 2012, 2013!  thanks for keepin the mems alive my dearest b-log!] it may not be the healthiest. but its the cheasiest and i love it. always and forev! until next year orange din!! or maybe we should make this a monthly thing? maybe? oh! and those magical pumpkin tree/flower creations!? i think they are the neatest thing on this octobery earth. my husband then boyfriend surprised me with them one october evening and i have been hooked ever since. every october he brings them home and every october i am deeee-lighted by their beautiful uniquness .. i do believe this has become a new tradition! keeping the old traditions alive and creating new ones makes for a really happy healy turned hyatt. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

a wedding day glimpse!!

----play here

today marks one month married! this one month looks very different compared to that one month! i loved both. but i'm a bit partial to the newlywed side of life. we recently received a little wedding day preview from our dearest and most talented videographer, timm young. as soon as i hit play, ooo my. i immediately traveled back to that day. so many emotions!! lots of happy tears. lots of falling in love all over again. i will cherish that day always and forever. and so to have parts of it captured on video?! it is so special. something that will be absolutely incredible to share with our future nonexistent children one day or when we are old and gray! thank you, timm!! i'm so madly in love with it all. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

a hell of a night...... to quote their new single ;)

i was the most delighted girl to hear  that my favorite musician brother bee would be back in atlanta this past weekend. that's three reunions since september! which never happens, because he is never.home.ever. and always on tour so i really try to soak in all the time i can with that one. dustin lynch and band were invited to open for mrs. miranda lambert this past saturday, along with a couple other country talents: raelynn, maddie & tae, and gary allen

it is the best best feeling having my family peeps in my atlanta world. so as soon as their tour bus arrived i hopped in the car to scoop the sleepy rockstar up and brunch. we dinned outside on the prettiest of fall saturdays and caught up about life things and afterwards headed back to the verizon amp venue where the whole show would be taking place that evening. char came along with me to visit  and it was fun to take him on a little walk through the empty verizon amphitheater. vip puppy all.the.way. he get's it from his human uncle. but soon it was sound check for them and drive home and get ready time for us hyatts! ;) 

stone, my cowboy boots and two sweet lady loves of mine headed on over later that evening and it was really just a perfect night.  i love, love, love getting to see my brother on stage, doing what he loves. its still sort of boggles my mind. the traveling and the performing. its constant, no time off.  they work so, so hard. and it reeeeally shows. because they are just so darn good. and yes. little bits of me are partial, but its the truth! so so good. [gary and miranda weren't too bad themselves ;)] 

and then after a night like that!!! the next morning, like clockwork, i always feel a bit  homesick. every single time i must say goodbye to my fam. because they are the best people i know and i miss them. a lot. but the silver lining there is i do get to wake up to a husband and cuddly puppy and that makes it a whole lot easier. so my dearest colinboy! love you. miss you a million. and can't wait to see you again!

and side note! about that whole bicep chugging thing. that came from that brother of mine. i mean, i cant put any copyright on it because i'm sure beer chugging people have been doing that since back in the day but colin and friends starting doing it in their college days, just something that made them laugh and from there it sort of became their thing, so it was necessary. i suppose? gosh, our mother must be so proud.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

the burial of mr. jack daniels ;)

it was the truest of love when we first met the swan house back in november. a really incredible venue for us engagementers to say our i-do's. but we were a little bit hesitant because..... rain. mother nature and her unpredictableness made us a lot a bit nervous to fully commit. but after some positive weather fact reinforcement [it's least likely to rain in sept, you know!] and lots of thinking, our hearts just said, the heck with it! and we put our faith and good wishes and all our lucky charms into Gods hands and it was decided! on september twenty-seventh of twenty-fourteen, we would marry outside on the historic swan house lawn.

one afternoon my darling knight in shining armor of a mother sent me a link she had come across on the interweb. a southern tradition/superstition for a rain be gone wedding day... [i am so her daughter]

as southern folklore has it... if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site of where you are to be married, it will not rain on your wedding day. however!! this must be done exactly one month before the wedding and the bottle must be completely full and it must be buried upside down in order for it to keep the rain away.

... i mean. it was just too good not to do and naturally, i loved every little bit of it.  nevermind the swan house is a historic site and prooobably frowns on such behavior.  

days and weeks and months passed and soon! august 27th arrived, one month prior to our wedding day! yay yay! my mom happened to be in town to attend a final venue walk-through with us then soon to be marrieds. and  helped accompany us on a little trip to buy some gardening tools ;)  
so! on the evening of august 27th, my handsome working man drove on over to meet us girls at the lovely swan house. two little plastic red digging tools, one bottle of jack daniels and some sneakiness and waaaaaaaaaa-la! mission completed! [i added "both of us must kiss the bottle twice" to the superstition, you know... in case you are taking notes]

september arrived and with that mother nature graced atlanta with ...rain. ha! sooo.much.rain! but on that sweet saturday on the twenty-seventh of september, God [and maybe, maaaaybe with a little help from an upside down mr. jack daniels] blessed us with the bluest skies and the most beautiful weather for the sweetest day of our lives ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


on saturday, september twenty-seventh at half past five in the evening, the big beautiful doors of atlanta's historic swan house opened wide. my daddy and i took a big deep breath, clung tight to one another and with a million happy excited nervous butterflies, we made our way to my one and only groom. my college sweets for the past seven years and on that evening, surrounded by our most beloved friends and family we promised each forever under God. and with that! husband and wife we became! yay yay! 

and well geez! just thinking about that makes me all sentimentally tingly. moments. moments like that. monumental, life changing, indescribable amazing moments like those, the ones that make your entire heart feel like it could really burst with so much love and joy?!  ooo! they are what this life is made off. i am certain. my parents are my favorite and have always taught us to really, really soak in all the small, medium and big life moments that come our way. and soak it in i did! september twenty-seventh, you will forever be imprinted in my heart. the very very best day of our lives. 

and there's so much more weddingness rambles to come!! because it truly was a perfect-to-us day and gosh, its already so incredibly fun to relive and remember and document! especially now, as mrs. chelsea hyatt ;) 

Monday, September 22, 2014

one step closer...

last week we took a little stroll on into the probate court and successfully came out with one of these!! one step closer!!! i shared this pic with my fam and my dad put it oh so perfectly "you will love that picture even more on your 25th or even your 50th anniverary! congratulations!"  i love, love, love that thought. he is a smart man, that daddy healy of mine!