Wednesday, April 15, 2015

chelsea lately

little snippets of life lately as told by my iphone. so handy that thing!! becoming quuuite the mojito drinkin' happy regulars at bartaco, evening walks with a favorite human and a favorite puppy of mine [and lots of water puppy frolicking in a stream by our home] baking, followed by eating, obsessing over all the blooms that frequent both in and outside our home and shadow picture taking. always and forev!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2014 year reviewing. on the first of april!

twenty-fourteen will hold such a special piece of my heart forever and ever and til death do us part ;) i have been so terrible at my documenting, but thankful for the moments i did capture right here. and i looove a good reminiscing sesh, so, twenty-fourteen! let's see....

january. saw me turn 28, snow appoc one hit atlanta! eeek! met with our dearest wedding planner, wedding dress shopped a whole lot which funny enough made my heart yeaaarn to design it myself and have it made [and that was all made incredibly possible by this beautiful lady of a talent!]

february. celebrated valentines day year seven with my valentine,  bought a fishy brother for our puppy son, snow apoc take two, mailed out our save the dates! traveled to nashville with some of my favorites to see colin and band on the very last show of keith urban's light the fuse tour they so crazily had the opportunity to be apart of

march. shared our wedding website and info and details and love story fun stuff with our dearest peeps, our sweetest friends threw us the greatest of engagement parties, saw little previews of spring, celebrated st patricks day,  had a bachelorette for my brestie, celebrated t-minus six months until our wedding day and really soaked in all the little moments along the way 

april. got in some keeey side walk chalking and other life documenting, celebrated my nana's beautiful, beautiful life with the ones who loved her the most, traveled to Chattanooga to see my brother, puppy pawty-ed with char's bffs

may. celebrated the engagement of austin's cousin and her fiance [and declared 2014 the year of love and marriage!] asked my favorite ladies to be my bridesmaids, introduced the father of this bridey-to-be to our wedding venue for the very first time! [and practiced our entrance ;)] dined with both of our families together, loved on the beautiful spring weather, celebrated austin's 28th birthday, counted down a little bit more to the wedding [4 months!], traveled to vegas to celebrate my brother in law's 30th bday, celebrated memorial day weekend at the lake

june. received the sweetest of gifts from my dearest of p-rents, celebrated our seven year dating-versary, traveled to connecticut to visit with my family aaand have austin meet my grandparents [!! yay, yay finally!] watched the very first of us healy cousins say i do to his one and only

july. loved on sundays, spinich quiche recipe shared, flew home with some of my best best friends to connecticut for my bridal shower, said a wimpy goodbye to my stone as he traveled up north for 3 weeks of businessy work things, shared the story of us, took our engagement pictures in beauuutiful serenbe with our dearest wedding photographer

august. celebrated my bachelorette in fourt lauderdale with the my lady loves[which iiii never got around to documenting. this is on my mental to do list! still. even if its been 6 months ;)], traveled to charelston to celebrate the bachloretting of one of my oldest college friends, got really excited that we were getting married in one month and burried mr. jack daniels for some wedding day good luck sunshine

september. heeey wedding month! my documenting was a little bit nonexistent but gosh. favorite month of all time, got our marriage license and drum rooooll......on the twenty seventh of september, we said i-do!

october. honeymooned well into october in the moosot gorgeous british virgin islands, filled my tradition love tank to the brim with all our octobery traditions,  received our wedding trailer! [tears! so many happy ones], had one 'hell of a night' with that musician bee brother of minehalloweened and pumpkin carved 

november. reminisced to that moment one whole year ago when austin proposed, officially became homeowners!! watched this video approximately one million-ish times 

december. received the sweetest wedding ornament from my parents, tried my very best to pause and document the best i could of all the exciting life things, flew home [this time with my husband!] for a healy christmas for us hyatts ;)

... and that's a wrap! my favorite year yet :) [i think i said the same thing last year, but! you know, i'm ok with that]


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

heeey 6 months!

this past friday we celebrated six whole months of love and marriage! i will forever be the firmest believer in celebrating all big and little things that come my way. it's how my heart opperates. and six months of marriage to my life long bff should be celebrated! so on this particular twenty-seventh day of the month, we popped on over to memory lane and relived the night we got engaged :) we stayed at the grand hyatt right down the street from our little housey. the same grand hyatt we stayed as a healy and hyatt, girlfriend and boyfriend before all that changed. but this time we checked in as mr. & mrs. hyatt with fancy rings on [the future is so coooool]
before leaving for din my own hyatt played my parents wedding song, juuust like he did on that one november night and we danced. and it was so sweet. and yes so corny! but i love corny! and i love that song! so.... naturally, tears. gosh i love that song and i love how it will forever hold such a special a place in my heart and austins. and my parents. and my siblings. to share that with them is the neatest.
we dined at southern art which is the same restuaruant we went after i said yesss and actually where we had our reheasral din! crazy enough we had the very same waiter tooo! i had sooo many crazy flashback moments that night that brought me right back to not only the night we got engaged but also to our rehearsal din! and how surreal it was to be surrounded by the greatest of family and friends on this planet who were all arriving for our wedding the next day.
but this time, it was just us two. and so we sipped our drinks and looked at wedding pictures that just so happened to be featured on once wed earlier that day and listened to the band and danced.. we may have been the only couple up there, but it was perfect. always re-live those kind of days, the special ones, because they keep on being special in their own ways. and while life is never perfect and isn't always romantic and sparkly, that night, it soo was.

Friday, March 6, 2015

winter white! for a teeny bit

one morning last week we woke up to little white snowflakes on the ground! and caught them just in time as they were still falling from the sky. mother nature and her weather reporters said there would be a chance of snow, but i'm sort of i'll believe it when i see it type of girl [at least when it comes to weather!!] and hey! they were right! we soaked it in as much as we could, with charlie running around loving it, but soon it was off to work we needed to go! booo!! [but i did really appreciate the sweetest snowy heart austin left me on my car :))]  our office actually happened to close at noon as more snow and ice was predicted. so i hurried on home and cozied on up! all the while, austin was on his way to FL for an overnight biz trip...!!! the one day his office is closed due to snow and he had a trip that could not be postponed! so i waited and waited for our world to be covered in white once again but mother nature just brought us rain and sleet.and while other cities outside atlanta got some snow, we were bare! wet! but bare. but i aaaand i suppose it all worked out ok. because snow days really are only fun when a stone of mine is in town. and it probably wouldn't have been the same [but i happily induldged in the early closing and next morning delay :)]

Friday, February 20, 2015


colintines... valentines... pupptines! because puppies are valentines too! charlie tested and approved!


  • whole wheat flour
  • organic peanut butter
  • baking powder
  • skim milk
  • cookie cutter 

1 cup of peanut butter to 1 cup of milk

in a sperate bowl combine: 1 tablespoon of baking powder with 2 cups of wheat flour. slowly add these powder ingredients to the peanut butter and milk mixture.

combine all ingredients and mix. roll out the dough
cut out doggie treats and place them onto a greased cookie sheet
bake at 375 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

valentine's weekend cabining

eight years we've spent valentine's day together! but this past saturday brought us our very first valentine's day as husband and wife. we rented a cabin in Chattanooga for the weekend and were so, so excited to sort of skip town for a teeny little bit. i love, love super love times like those. we both do. i also really love my documenting and looking back and really remembering the big and little moments, because life just gets ahead of us. all. the. time! but so many moments are all right here. and i think that is so neat. february always used to be a confusing month for heart. it's the month of love, and i like my love. but it was also always the month austin left for the forever long baseball season [sometimes the day after valentine's day]  actually, the last time we rented a cabin was two years ago. and while i shared a little bit of it, i never got around to sharing all the moments i snapped on that camera of mine, it's actually still saved as a draft! ha. but my heart wasn't really ready to re-live it then because i was coming off such a fun, fun weekend and dreading the inevitable baseball goodbye that awaited us a few days later. you sort of wish you could jump back in time, hug yourself real quick and say, it will be o.k. !! in two years, you will be at another cabin! and you will be celebrating as husband and wife!  

i could talk about feelings forever. that's me. i feel things so deely. and i'm pretty okay about it all. but!!  moving right along, we traveled to Chattanooga on friday with a car fuuuuulll of food. we ate the biggest crab legs i have ever seen and i don’t know if austin has ever been more excited or happier about food. it was soo good. sooo good! we ventured into Chattanooga the next morning and explored the city. stopping at the aquarium, which i haven’t gotten to do in years! they had penguins. and if the aquarium had allowed me, i would have taken one home. they were the cutest little tuxedo babes ever. i can only imagine charlies reaction if he were to meet one face to face. 

speaaaaaking of my littlest valentine!!! he is truly a water dog through and through. he loved on the hot tub so much. as soon as the top came off, he would be walking up the steps and headed in. ha. so cute to watch. unfortunately, he's not as human as he likes to think and eventually the time came for us to drag him on out so he wouldn't melt away in there. there was a hot tub at the last cabin we rented - charlie was five months old then and it was the first time we had a chance to introduce him to water. we put him in the hot tub [when it wasn't on] and he wanted o.u.t! fast forward two years, a lot of puppy swimming in lakes and rivers and he couldn't get in fast enough :)

so! v-day! year eight, it was a really good one. it's so good for the soul to venture out of your normal surroundings, together. they touched on that at church last week and i really couldn't agree anymore. also i love my valentines <3 the end. 

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