Friday, May 22, 2015

happy birthday husband!

happy twenty-ninth birthday to you austin parker! my husband! how neat. and crazy! and just so. many. memories.  we've been celebrating birthdays together since we were twenty-one! babies! gosh. and how fun to have so many captured right here.  from year 25, to when i flew to PA to celebrate with you during the crazy baseball season - to year 26, when i drove to charlotte for.... more baseball! [tis the season] and filled the hotel room with balloons - to year 27, when we celebrated in atlanta! for the first time! life post baseball - outside on your deck with our new little puppy! - to last year! year 28, as my fiance! in our first apartment together, dreamin up our wedding. all those twists and turns and it all lead us to here! year 29! you as my husband and me as your wife in our very first home! its been a fun ride, and hey! this growing up thing isn't so bad ;) i look forward to celebrating so many more birthdays with you and all the life things along the way. happy birthday to you, my forever crush. boyfriend. fiance. husband.  best friend. you are so loved and i am so happy you were born.   thanks for loving me so, and changing my last name.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

mullet tossing


a couple weeks ago austin and i road tripped to on down to the alabama/flordia state line for our first very mullet toss! and to be really honest, we had no idea what mullet toss was, ha! but what we did know! was that one of my best friends was turning 30 that weekend and had rented a house, so we just could not miss ringing in year 30 of her lifey. plus, i've been celebrating bdays with that girl for 9 years! tradition! a really really fun one. the house was walking distances from the beach and all tossing of the mullets ;) and ooo was it glorious. and big! which was pretty helpful since there were about 25+ of us staying there! the backyard was my favorite part. a big big pool with so many majestic ginormous blow up animals the bday girl had brought her self! swans and flamingos and the inflatable toilet blow up  the boys anchored in the water to hit golf balls into :) and right on the canal with one big dock 

so mullet toss! it is like alabama football tailgating mixed with college spring break and its all just sort of insane. but so much fun and so entertaining. it was our first year, but people there have been coming for years and years and years! they have thought of it all when it comes to their tent set ups. inflatable pools, inflatable couches! dj booths, 7 foot holes to play beer pong in, ha! and then there is the whole actual mullet tossing - where you basically throw a dead mullet over the state line of florida and alabama to see who gets the farthest, i really love the south. really, really.

the guys in our group woke up eaaarly to make sure they too had their own spot. we ended up right next to another group who were suuuper prepared with their two big inflatable pools, complete with a wheel you would spin and whatever it landed on - welllll, you do. the bday girl gave it a spin and i walked on over afterwards to see what it was all about. i eventually was convinced to spin it and so i did. and there it landed, "ride da gator".... the what? i turned to my right and in one of those inflatable pools was a big inflatable alligator. and after a lot of you-muuuuuust-do-it's coming my way from the finest of strangers, i gave in. so on the gator i got. one person grabbed the front of it, the other its tail and they shook it back and forth,oh to be young again ;) i saw stone look on over at all the commotion like oooooo hey. that's my wife! ha!  first time for everything i suppose!

and speaking of first times! the bday girl had arranged for a cake fight the day after her bday. a.cake.fight. !!! oooh how i love her and such craziness. so we had our cakes and our silly string and on the count of threee--- go! except we all planned before hand to just direct all that goodness at the bday girl organizer extraordinaire. a good way to initiate someone into the 30th year of their life, i think! 

we had so much fun the entire weekend, so much fun getting to celebrate one of my loves milestone bdays and getting to see old friends and meet some really hilarious new ones. we were so bumped to leave! but you know, eventually it was sunday, and it was kinda like well you don’t have to go home, but you cant stay here ;) thanks for the mems mullet toss! and most importantly, we hope you had the bestest of birthdays ady!!

[i think she did ;)]

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

green! its good for the soul

we are summer ready over here! we are, we are! the weather the past couple of weeks has just been sooo glorious. happy. sunny. flowery smelling, hugging our bodes with warmth. i love it. it is so good for my soul. everywhere we look is green, that's good for the soul too. and this year! with us being full on homeowners, we are really embracing the plant life gardening thing, adding more greenness to our world :) its so nice having room to do little bits of that! i am hoping that rose bush of ours does really well with the sunshine that the trees allow it to soak up because i want one or two or three million more. give or take. :) and with our summer prep we invested in the brightest of green baby pools for our littlest babe. i was at our big blue human pool over the weekend and austin was walking charlie around it - he couldn't come in because of the fence [and the no doggies allowed! rule] but ooo he could see in. and he haaaated not being able to run on in, trying his hardest to open the door with his little paws. stone finally had to drag him on back to the house and with each couple of steps, char would turn around and stare. walk. stop. stare. repeat, repeat! this was all followed by some crying, whining, the saddest of noises! he so badly wanted to play in the water. i love that his little water puppy self loves the water like he was designed too so us parents decided it was time! time to invest in the finest bright green plastic pool we could find. and so! it worked out quite nice. and is really holding us all over until we are back at the lake for memorial weekend and reunited with water a littttle bit deeper and views a liiittle bit lovelier :)   

Monday, May 4, 2015

dream team does nash, falls in love and lives happily ever after

photo via airbnb

a couple of weeks ago i had the greatest of pleasures to travel to nashville [one city that makes my heart dance in so many ways] to see five of the sweetest loves. blogging loves! thank you dearest blog of mine for so crazily giving me the opportunity to have met such sweet, kind, hilarious, talented people through it over the past four-ish years. it's the absolute coolest.

i had to be a little bit late to the party and arrive friday morning while the rest of the girls arrived the day before. it physically hurt me to be at work that thursday and not be there with them! but i lived  ;) and when morning came, i vrooomed on over. and gosh, they are real! it was such a funny neat feeling. these people who you totally know, but don’t really know? [or have met once or twice or several (hey assh!;)] but finally get to spend real, uninterrupted time with- and while i was the newbie this time around because i was unable to make last years trip and while i was a teeeeny bit nervous [+ excited, anxious, happy, i feel all the feelings, always] as soon as i was greeted by these excited sweet beauties it just felt so very effortless, all just falling together so very easily. 

i love that city so much. and it was even more fun to experience it with some of the girls who have never been before. unfortunately my brother was on tour and not in town which really is too bad because i would have loved for them to have met him. and i for one miss him! so i'd like to see him too, please. we stayed at the most incredible air bnb [ !!!! a vintage antique dreammm world!] in such a perfect part of nash - right near all the hustle and bustle and country music livin'.  we brunched and explored and honkey-tonked with the very best. aand also, had the funniest of run-ins. one with two tennessee titans football players right down to spotting vince vaughn on the corner of the street and having that uber come to one fast haaaalt as we jumped on out to say hellooo!

but my favorite moments were the ones of just us - in our [matching] jammies chatting at night or the yummy dinners spent laughing. and well, for meeee especially, when we watched a video that sort of has my heart. i got to share with the girls austin and my wedding video. and that moment was a special one! a my-heart-is-really-happy kinda moment. to look around and see their sweet faces smiling and happy tears and the kindest of words they spoke. so genuine. and so sincere. and gosh, that goes such a far way with someone like me. because its rare. rare to find such heart and genuine kindness like that.

so my dearest ash, erica, rissy, sabrina & shay [alphabetical ordering them and all ;)] thank yall sooo much for just being you. and really awesome 'yous'. i had the best, best time. and i am soo looking forward to the next city we get to fall in love with all over again ;))

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

chelsea lately

little snippets of life lately as told by my iphone. so handy that thing!! becoming quuuite the mojito drinkin' happy regulars at bartaco, evening walks with a favorite human and a favorite puppy of mine [and lots of water puppy frolicking in a stream by our home] baking, followed by eating, obsessing over all the blooms that frequent both in and outside our home and shadow picture taking. always and forev!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2014 year reviewing. on the first of april!

twenty-fourteen will hold such a special piece of my heart forever and ever and til death do us part ;) i have been so terrible at my documenting, but thankful for the moments i did capture right here. and i looove a good reminiscing sesh, so, twenty-fourteen! let's see....

january. saw me turn 28, snow appoc one hit atlanta! eeek! met with our dearest wedding planner, wedding dress shopped a whole lot which funny enough made my heart yeaaarn to design it myself and have it made [and that was all made incredibly possible by this beautiful lady of a talent!]

february. celebrated valentines day year seven with my valentine,  bought a fishy brother for our puppy son, snow apoc take two, mailed out our save the dates! traveled to nashville with some of my favorites to see colin and band on the very last show of keith urban's light the fuse tour they so crazily had the opportunity to be apart of

march. shared our wedding website and info and details and love story fun stuff with our dearest peeps, our sweetest friends threw us the greatest of engagement parties, saw little previews of spring, celebrated st patricks day,  had a bachelorette for my brestie, celebrated t-minus six months until our wedding day and really soaked in all the little moments along the way 

april. got in some keeey side walk chalking and other life documenting, celebrated my nana's beautiful, beautiful life with the ones who loved her the most, traveled to Chattanooga to see my brother, puppy pawty-ed with char's bffs

may. celebrated the engagement of austin's cousin and her fiance [and declared 2014 the year of love and marriage!] asked my favorite ladies to be my bridesmaids, introduced the father of this bridey-to-be to our wedding venue for the very first time! [and practiced our entrance ;)] dined with both of our families together, loved on the beautiful spring weather, celebrated austin's 28th birthday, counted down a little bit more to the wedding [4 months!], traveled to vegas to celebrate my brother in law's 30th bday, celebrated memorial day weekend at the lake

june. received the sweetest of gifts from my dearest of p-rents, celebrated our seven year dating-versary, traveled to connecticut to visit with my family aaand have austin meet my grandparents [!! yay, yay finally!] watched the very first of us healy cousins say i do to his one and only

july. loved on sundays, spinich quiche recipe shared, flew home with some of my best best friends to connecticut for my bridal shower, said a wimpy goodbye to my stone as he traveled up north for 3 weeks of businessy work things, shared the story of us, took our engagement pictures in beauuutiful serenbe with our dearest wedding photographer

august. celebrated my bachelorette in fourt lauderdale with the my lady loves[which iiii never got around to documenting. this is on my mental to do list! still. even if its been 6 months ;)], traveled to charelston to celebrate the bachloretting of one of my oldest college friends, got really excited that we were getting married in one month and burried mr. jack daniels for some wedding day good luck sunshine

september. heeey wedding month! my documenting was a little bit nonexistent but gosh. favorite month of all time, got our marriage license and drum rooooll......on the twenty seventh of september, we said i-do!

october. honeymooned well into october in the moosot gorgeous british virgin islands, filled my tradition love tank to the brim with all our octobery traditions,  received our wedding trailer! [tears! so many happy ones], had one 'hell of a night' with that musician bee brother of minehalloweened and pumpkin carved 

november. reminisced to that moment one whole year ago when austin proposed, officially became homeowners!! watched this video approximately one million-ish times 

december. received the sweetest wedding ornament from my parents, tried my very best to pause and document the best i could of all the exciting life things, flew home [this time with my husband!] for a healy christmas for us hyatts ;)

... and that's a wrap! my favorite year yet :) [i think i said the same thing last year, but! you know, i'm ok with that]