Tuesday, June 21, 2016

summer! is! here!

....and on the very first day we just so happened to be on our favorite beach in our favorite of places soaking in all the official summer rays! and on the longest day of the year!!  not a bad start, summer!!! that is until it was time for us to leave my familys happy place and head on back to the real world! we will see you again in august, mano! xoxox forgot us not! and ps. wear yo sunscreen - this is mainly a note to my future self, ok chelsea coleen??!!! :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

to manomet we go!

this evening my stone and i are headed to my most favorite place in all the land!!! m a n o m e t.  yay! and if you know me even a little bit or really know anyone in my family juust a little bit then odds are you know about manomet. which puts you ahead of the curve, because so many people have never heard of it. even the iphone weather app is like manomet, ma? come again? it can't locate. so we have to settle for plymouth! which isn't too far away. but that's besides the point. it is a very small beachy town right on the water and its been a place my family has gone every summer for a long, long time! how did we stumble upon it again? i need to re-ask my parents. all i know is my nana spent her summers on this very beach as a little girl. and then my dad and then me! its filled with a lot of special memories and traditions and healys!  and it has been far too long since ive gotten to soak it all in once again! we usually make it to manomet at least once a year - in august! when my whole big family travels back to play and sun and pirate. but this year we are squeezing in two trips! once in june and one in august! its one of our best ideas yet.  so, save me a seat at the bluff bar*, mano!! we are coming for you!

[*and by bluff bar, i mean the cute little table right up there on our bluff where we like to sip our evening cocktails! and because its manomet, and everything has a name. people. places. things. :)]

Monday, June 13, 2016

when in az!

in april we traveled to phoenix arizona to celebrate the love and marriage of a high school bff of mine to her one and only! we had so so much fun!! soaking up the sunny (hot!) rays and trying in and out burgers for the very first time and snapping about a million pictures of the beautiful scenery [and blooms! and cacti!] and above all getting fancy to watch the beautiful bride say i do to her handsome groom! we are so happy we made the trip out there and got to be a part of their forever special day!!  welcome to the married club! the hyatts love the munsons!! also, long live photobooths, i can't ever get enough of them!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

nine on the fourth!

vintage us!
happy nine years [plus a day!] of boyfriend girlfriendness to my forever boyfriend. and crush. and for the past one point five years husband! thanks for asking me to be your girlfriend back on that warm summer night nine [!!!!] years ago! and for making it facebook official ;) it was one of my most favorite nights and it made me reallly really happy. and it still makes me really really happy. i love you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

bday year thirty, day one!

we celebrated my stone's thirtieth bday on a monday with no work what so ever! we both took the day off so we were free to play and celebrate and it was one of our best ideas yet! the weather was so beautiful and warm and sunny and happy and we woke up that morning with really zero places we had to be! besides starbucks to get the birthday boy his free cup of joe! so we did just that. and then ventured to the park with charlie to play barefoot and run around. we found a gated soccer field and were able to shut the gate and let char explore without keeping him on a leash and he/we/everyone was happy about that. we had breakfast on the bleacher's and sipped our coffee and chatted and played frisbie and basically i started with shoes on and my hair down and we ended with my shoes off and hair up and it was just nice to be there and enjoy it and know you had nowhere else to be! sometimes no agenda is a great agenda! we came back and soaked more sun up at the pool and dined that night at home on king crab legs! stone is really obsessed and you know, i think i am too. they are so so good. and we topped it off with some bday gifts and cards and such and an ice cream rice krispy pie! because those healy traditions run deep :)  it was a really low key day but! it was one of the good ones. all monday's should be stone's bday :)

Monday, May 23, 2016


happy thirtieth birthday to my dearest and most handsome husband!! thirty years of life and hey! nine birthdays we have gotten to spend together!! his birthday always makes me so reminiscent of the past.  i very vividly remember celebrating b-day year twenty-one with him! and giving him a blue polo t-shirt and being a little bit hesitant and nervous because well i wanted him to know i put thought into it but you know, not too much thought !! [and, and, and]  because when your twenty-one  and have a crush on the cutest green eyed boy it's easy to overthink it! ooh dating!! so, happy thirty years of life to you aph!! my forever crush. boyfriend. husband. bff. stone! i really love growing up and old with you! [but let's not grow up too, too much] xoxoxo, yo wife

and because ... tangible mems!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

80 and darling :)

happy, happy eightieth birthday to my darling nana!!! for as long as i can remember she has called me her darling chelsea. and so now i really can't but help refer to her as anything other than my darling nana any chance i get! because  she really is darling! and i admire her so much! she takes such great and loving care of my papa now that life is slowing him down a little bit more these days and she  is one of the best examples i have of  the kind of wife and mother i want to be.  plus she raised my mom! and my mom is my bff  and i am so glad she is every bit of how she is thanks to my nana and papa! so happy birthday to you nana!! you are patient. you are kind. you are loving. and gosh are you you funny! and! you are so, so loved x eighty! and hey, cheers to eighty more! :)