Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the bands back together

sunday brunching. and maybe the first time, ev-er, i did not order french toast. !! crazy.

hey hey! its true! me and my favs are reunited once again. we missed stone much-ooo while he was away in new jerz doing businessy things. and we are proud of him, we are! but quite happy to have him home. charlie, especially! do you see that puppy smile way up there!? stone snapped it after picking puppy up from petsmart while this girl was away on her bach. it was the first time they had seen each other since stone left, and i think it captures their excitement/happiness level pretty accurately. bffs for-ev-er, those two.  and!! also. we are finally able to open the beautiful wedding/shower gifts that have arrived at our door step/leasing office. opening them by myself didn't feel right, so self control and i placed them in a corner until stone's return. and now that he is back! we are opening! but told ourselves maybe one or two a night. its like wedding Hanukkah. and it's pretty brilliant if i do say so myself ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the Bloom Workshop travels south!

i am so so deeee-lighted to announce that two blogger talent loves of mine, michaela & ashley, are bringing their quickly growing Bloom Workshop to georgia this fall!! october 23 to be exact! and they will be hosting it at one of the most gorgeous southern venues, vinewood plantation

if you are interested in learning more about blogging, social media, photography, or design then please head on over to their website for all the details! registration will open for their atlanta workshop tomorrow [aug 7!!] 

and hey! they will also be styling and photographing a shoot and it just so happens i will be there! along with my fiance love! [who shall be my official husband by that time ;)] ash and michaela were sweet enough to ask us to help "model" [brave souls those two] and we are so excited!! 

if you have any questions please contact either michaela or ashley directly  [ //]  i can say with sooo much certainity, you will not be disappointed. not one single bit. not when it involves these girls. that swoon-worthy venue. and being around such talent and passion. its inspiring. and contagious. and i cant wait to see what else they have up their sleeves ;)

....see yall this fall!  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the story of us

the other day i thought, you know, i have written about how austin and i met on our wedding website but! never here! in this little place of mine. and i for one, i loooove hearing about how people meet. because there are million trillion ways. everyone's story is different! so, this is ours ;)

once upon a time, on the University of Alabama campus, sophomore college me met a green-eyed boy named Austin. Austin played baseball for Alabama and it was through one of my sweet roommates [and now, bridesmaids!] who worked for the athletic department that introduced us. and good gosh. that boy was cute.

but the story of us, did not begin until our junior year actually! it was the week of my twenty-first birthday when my sorority announced they would be hosting a "grab-a-date" party the next night, giving us girls a quick 24 hours to find a date.

we were out that night when we ran into Austin and friends. a couple of my pledge sisters decided to ask his friends to the party and i very nervously asked Austin. [who said yes, with the cutest of smiles. pheww!]

it was that party and the rest of my twenty-first birthday week that brought us together and eventually! led to Austin and i becoming an official boyfriend-girlfriend, us.

after graduation, i moved to Atlanta for work and that baseball playing boyfriend of mine, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies. for the next three years, we spent half the year together during the off-season and the other half way too many miles apart. but as of last year, he returned! home for good and working in Buckhead. no more long distance, no more sad goodbyes. my best friend, home.

and after seven years together, i am so thankful the girl from Connecticut and the boy from Georgia's two worlds collided one Tuscaloosa night.

..and roll tide! forever and ever. amen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wimp-tastic ;)

that handsome face left two weeks ago for the lovely land of new jerz for some businessy work  things! aaand he is still up there! until he returns on Friday! so, what i can tell you about all of that is this:

one, i am so proud of him. and  two! my old baseball girlfriend self thinks i am one million percent so much more wimpy now. and i would really have to agree with her/me. because i miss him. aaaaa lot! without him around our little apartment home it just feels so much more lonely! 

its funny how things change, you know. once upon a time back in the stone baseball days, we had to be apart for three, long, stupid months. three. months!!  so, three weeks? it should be a piece of cake [or cheese. cheese in my case. mmm] but now, this current chelsea fiance self of mine- its become harder. i've gotten spoiled having him around all my days. so, i'm a bit more wimpy now, and i'm okay with it. so hurry home stoneee! we miss you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

reunited and it feels so good!

i flew home for my bridal shower a couple of weeks ago with three of my college sweethearts/bridesmaids/bffs and it was so much fun to have these beauties up in connecticut with me in the town and house i grew up in. so perfect. and it was like we were right back in college. really good friendships can do that you know, transport you through time, and it’s the best. eventually it was time to say goodbye. booo goodbyes! you are the worst! but luckily, i will see those faces and a couple of other really special ones in three days actually! for my bachelorette [yay, yay!] that is the silver. no, no. gold-sparkly lining right there :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a bridal shower! for this bridey to be!

last week i finished reading a reeeeally darn good book called the aviators wife. and there was one line in particular that i kept going back too. kept re-reading and loving. until i finally wrote it down, because it was distracting me and my thoughts and i needed to get back to my story!  it was this:
“it took me a very long time not to view sympathy, grief, doubt, the ability to be moved by tears by love and happiness and sadness and music - as weak, despicable traits. He taught me that the ability to grieve deeply also meant that a person had the capacity to love deeply, laugh deeply, live deeply -- and that this was a capacity to be cherished.”

and that line, it's sort of me, chelsea coleen, in a nutshell, so personally? oooh i agree! it’s a capacity to be cherished [and appreciated!] and i loved how such sentiments were written so beautifully. because sometimes, traits like those... they really can be looked at as weak. i've just never been one of those people who have ever believed that. so when i read it, i was like, riiiight there with you author lady! i know when i think back to my bridal shower today and tomorrow and thirty years from now, i will remember all of the love and the laughing and the happiness that surrounded me. how i was moved so deeply by it all.   

[i will probably be reminiscing while austin and i are dining on our antique white plates! with our matching silverware! and glassware! and all the adult, married couple things we have received from the ones we love so dearly and who have been so very gracious to us.]  

it was so very special for me to have three of my best friends [and bridesmaids!] there with me. it was so special to see my cousin's beautiful faces and childhood loves [circa 5th grade!], and family friend faces i haven't seen in so many years! there were a couple of speeches, a couple of introductions and thank you's made as we sat down for the yummiest of lunches. and hearing these sweet words!! i [happily!] cried quite a bit. but if you know us, and oo those lovely people sure do, they are pretty used to it! my sister wrote the cutest, sweetest speech. and because my mom is one of the most creative people i know [especially with her words] she wrote a bit of a poem - and it was perfect.

so thank you soooo much faith and carter, some of our dearest and oldest family friends, for the bestest of showers. and to my amazing family and friends and bridesmaids, you made that day so special. i felt really, really, loved. and that is something i cherish so much more than i could ever really put into words. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a healy wedding!

this picture!! makes my heart just explode with happiness. so much love!
so close molldoll, so close!

about a month ago, my handsome cousin married the beautiful love of his lifey. and!! to add to the excitement, this was the very first healy wedding! the first cousin to say i do! my dad has a big, big fam - 7 siblings [plus their spouses!] and then there's us kids! 19 of us to be exact. and so many of these amazing faces were there to celebrate the beautiful newleyweds. it's really fun being related to these people. it also gave me a special little glimpse into how our wedding will be, because a lot of those faces will be making their way to atlanta to watch healy cousin numbero two [me! meee!] say i do! and this little glimpse, it was overwhelmingly wonderful. such a fun, loving, encouraging group and every time we are together it's special [and every time we have to say goodbye it makes my heart a whole lot sad]

so the first healy wedding! it was a gorgeous success.  and oh the bridey! the newest member of our healy fam - she could not be a better fit. the ceremony was emotional, in the happy tears kind of way they always are, seeing two people stand up there and become man and wife, its really the greatest of all.  and then getting to celebrate these two at their reception, so much fun.  [it was also the most amazing to see an entire cheese display during cocktail hour- along with any other food imaginable. me+cheese=<3] mmm!! 

endless cheese, love, and my family. that always makes for a really perfect night. and it was! congrats pat and heather! we love you two sooo much! and are looking forward to all the pirate parties and manomet beaching in our years to come!