Sunday, September 10, 2017

37 weeks pregnant!

... thirty-seven weeks pregnant with our baby girl! i cant even believe it!! i can not. we are getting soo close to her soon to be birthday. ahhh! make emotional just thinking about it. i have loved this season of life and trying to soak it in as best as i can!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

a few snippets from manomet :)

first of all, hash tag no filter! :) on any, because manomet's beauty doesnt need much! and really, i'm thirty-seven weeks pregnant and i juuust cant do it. but a few little bits from our trip at our most favorite of places. that view will never ever get old. i can not even begin to tell you how many pictures i have taken from the very same spot but it's just too good! everytime i'm here, i am always reminded at just how lucky i (we! parents! siblings! cousins! etc!) are to have such a wonderful place to call ours and get to share with the ones we love the most. i think its pretty cool how growing up, we still CHOOSE to spend our time here. you know? teenage years, college years, post college years? all our years. i love seeing how my cousins are the very same way. how they CHOOSE to spend three or so weeks with their family and having very little outside action! it's rare these days! and its so special and says so much <3 so just a few bits from our time at the beach before fall i upon us!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


a few weekends ago we went to new orleans for the very first time. the most sporadic trip we've taken actually! we booked our flights about a week in advance :) we had flight credit from a previous trip and since we needed to be using by september and since i was also quickly approaching the no preggo fly zone, it was time to g-o! we stayed at the french market inn which i really recommend! it is located in the french quarter and walking distance to everything!! i think we walked maybe six miles every day we were there. which i have to say i am pretty proud of myself :) sure bourbon street was definitely a different experience when you are 32 weeks pregnant but i lived vicariously through austin and pressured him into ordering a hand grenade, ha! that sunday we attended church at St. Louis cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the united states! pretty magnificent, i felt like we were about to step into a disney castle ;) and before leaving we lit a candle for our baby girl. it was such a fun surprise of a trip and i'm so glad we did it! we will be back one day, nola!! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

maternity photos!

photos by Laura Catherine Photography
a few weeks ago [actually five! and can i just say it is so much easier to keep track of time and events when your pregnant because i just think back to okay now how many weeks was i then and ding i've got my answer, thanks pregnancy!] so yes, at thirty-one weeks pregnant my dearest sister in law took our maternity photos! ohh the perks of family members being really talented, i am so grateful! it was such a fun morning. and we felt so comfortable! which really makes everything so much better. its so important for me to savor all those big and little life moments and i know i will cherish these photos for a long time to come. i love this belly of mine and the baby girl all cozied up in there! the miracle of life and the human body will forever amaze me!! a million more sentiments but that could take a while, so that's a maternity photo wrap!! yay!

Friday, July 7, 2017

hello, third trimester! eeeek!

we are officially in our third trimester over here!! and i am so excited to say that! it feels so much more legitimate now that i am twenty-eight weeks in! the bump is here for real. you can't miss it :)  baby girl is moving lots and lots these days! it's still just the most mind blowing amazing thing. what a miracle. a total miracle. and we soon to be parents have been busy getting ready for her arrival in twelveish weeks! her nursery is coming along and it is by far the sweetest room in the whole house. and a few weekends ago we took a child prep class, ha!  six whole hours of everything baby !! and it flew by.  pretty sure we could use a whole bunch more just like them. It was so well done and we left feeling a little bit more knowledgeable, a little less scared, and even more amazed at just how incredible the human body is and what a miracle life is!! so here we are at twenty-eight weeks! wanting to pause this time in our lives and these sweet baby kicks but also wanting to fast forward to september and meet our girl!!  soon enough!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

adventures in babymoonin!

26 weeks!

2017 // 1986, my two best guys!
ok, first off, babymoons! what a novel idea i tell you! thank you parent's before us for such a clever concept/excuse/whatever you want to call it. so us parent's to be happily obliged a few weeks back. it was our pre-baby duty after all! we traveled to ponte vedra, flordia which was really such a perfect spot for us babymooners. we didn't want to venture too far from home because well, zika! but we did want to get far enough away to be on the water and surrounded by palms :) we stayed at the sawgrass marriot which made us totally feel liek we were on vacay. plus it happens to be right down the street from TPC sawgrass which was pretty neat! and if you're not familiar, its a golf course that hosts big fancy golf championships. which austin loved. and hey, me too! we got to explore one morning and learn all the fun facts [like the land was purchased for one buckeroo!] and also!! we had ourselves a very special full circle type of moment/memory that i love so very much! i was born in Jacksonville which is very close to ponte vedra and when i was a three month babe my dad took me to TPC sawgrass for some golf speculating! or most liekly napping in my case. but yes, that picture right up there is us! my dad, the newbie dad and baby me! and so fast forward thirty-one years and there i was, at the same place, with my husband and my own baby girl in utero!! pretty special!! full circle moments! i can't miss indulging in such sweetness. and jsut as special, austin bought a sweet little blanket for our girl from the proshop to carry on the mems :) so while there, we made sure to enjoy a lot of seafood, beach basking and well, relaxing!! it was so nice. and also something i hear we won't be doing so much of in t-minus 3ish months?! [also on a non-important note, we also had our fair share of one on one cornhole tourneys and who knew this would be such a talent of mine?!] it was wonderful and i miss it!! but happy to have the mems! thanks ponte vedra! we will be back!! next time with baby hyatt in the flesh :)