Wednesday, March 14, 2018

the colors, duke, the colors! [easter egg dying]

i love my holidays. and my traditions. and my people. it's so important to me that austin and i both continue these traditions with ansley. with Easter around the corner we really needed some colorful eggs around here, especially with all the dreary rain that we've had over the past few weeks. i couldn't resist then (hey, 2012! thanks for the reminder, blog) and obviously not now that i have my little partner by my side. this makes me so happy!! i came across a super easy way to go about dying eggs that i love so much!! the colors are so great! so much better than anything you can buy in the stores. i mean its MESSY and sure my hands are a bit stained despite the attempt at wearing latex gloves but loooook how pretty!!

you will need:
  • hard boiled eggs
  • shaving cream 
  • food coloring
  • vinegar
  • latex gloves (or sandwich bags would work!)
  • paper towels (!!!) 
  • muffin tin 
  • a tiny assistant (optional)

how to! 
  • let hard boiled eggs soak in vinegar for about five minutes
  • fill the muffin tins with shaving cream 
  • put on your gloves!!
  • place several drops of food coloring in each cup
  • swirl food coloring around in shaving cream
  • dip/roll/submerge :) egg in the cream
  • wipe off the excess with a paper towel 
  • put on a paper plate to dry
  • display! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

our life via shadows ;)

girl meets boy! (and he allows such pictures. thanks stone!!)
girl and boy get puppy! (hi chuckie!)
girl and boy grow their family by one :)
girl and boy and BABY! puppy not pictured :)

post dinner the other night we were walking back to our car and i said pause! stand right there. and snapped the picture above. i have always had a thing for shadows. and looking through old pictures i 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

and on the 14th of february....

happy THURSDAY! hi valentines day, bye valentines day! i know it gets some slack as a holiday but i love it. and a big big reason is because it brought me my brother!! his birthday falls on the holiday  (colintines day to my family) and it all feels very appropriate. he is one of my best best friends and the most loving and hilarious person i know so its so easy to get in the spirit and celebrate not only him but the ones in our lives who we love the most. (plus, how much do i love sending valentines from ansley? so much.) so valentines day, year one with baby ansley and year eleven with my boyfriend! wait. pause. how has it been that long?!! i do not know. pretty sure we were just in college and i was headed over to austin's apartment all dressed up where he gave me roses for the very first time. it's so fun to see how life has changed and with that our valentines day celebrations. sometimes fancy, sometimes at home, sometimes very very bittersweet knowing he would leave for baseball two days later. geez i forgot about that tidbit (selective memory) it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it!! moving right along...

we made our cards this year which i think needs to be a tradition forever and always because i will never tire of seeing what austin comes up with. (as for mine, in college i was 'chel-say' to him and he was my stone - short for austonian - sexy nickname, why yes, yes i agree- which i still call him to this day. and i figured v-day would be a good day to throw it back ;)) him and ansley exchanged cards and he gave her flowers and i busily snapped the moment because he will always be her first love and it needs to be properly documented! in fact!! last year on valentines day we went to a concert with some family and there we shared the news that we were pregnant! <3

earlier that morning we headed off to ansley's four month pediatrician appointment to check on our growing girl. it had been since december since she had been and i was definitely ready to get a weight on that girl to make sure everything is a-okay since we are nursing and thankfully, we got that report! later that night we put our tiny sleepy valentine in her car seat and cruised on down the street to our favorite pasta restaurant. so good!! so good. we had a table in the corner, ate some ravioli, cheersed some wine and all was right in the world. it was a happy v-day and a happy B-DAY for that brother of mine (who is 30 !!!! what?!!) and all in all a success.
...past v-day's!

Friday, February 9, 2018

valentines for our valentines

homemade valentines for some of ansley's valentines this year!! cheap and easy and if say you have a big cup of coffee and a successful nap time then ta daaa! i will never tire of sending letters to family "from" ansley :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ansley lately!

my expressive baby girl! and a whole bunch of little moments over the past couple of weeks. these days are going by so fast and she is changing and developing every single day. trying to freeze them the best way i can through photos, videos and memory!! i still can't believe she is ours. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

baby registering! from one new mommy to the next!

first comes baby, then comes bump, then comes nesting. registering. preparing all the things!! when it came to getting exactly what we needed i was  o v e r w h e l m e d !! there is just so much stuff out there in babyland!! and i had no clue about so much of it! and for the record, as long as you have a plentiful (!!) stash of diapers, milk, clothing, love and patience, you are going to be alright!! pretty sure all the grandmothers, great grandmothers, great-great, etc! are shaking their heads in agreeance. but humor me a little ;)  i really wanted to be as prepared as i could but i also didn't want to be wasteful with what we bought or added to our baby registry. (but maybe a few things!! like the dollhouse or lamb rocker in ansley's room, they are just sooo sweet!) one of my good girlfriends is now pregnant (yay!) and felt just as overwhelmed so i tried to put together my own list of what i thought might be helpful and i thought i'd share it here! i know a million of these lists exist (because i read them too!!) but i tried my best to go through my average day with ansley and really note items that we used daily. of course, there are many more you could add but hey, you gotta start somewhere! :)

[so for newborns... ]

change baby's diaper! wooo!

  • the brest friend was super helpful especially in the beginning stages 
  • burp clothes galore!! they are really in every corner of our house
  • nipple cream because breastfeeding!! geez, it was painful in the beginning! (but it gets better i promise!)
  • bamboobies - washable nursing pads to prevent leaking! these are great and i used them everyday until my milk regulated

pump if you are engored or want to stock up on milk!

feeding a bottle?

nap time! woo hoo! 
  • halo sleepsack swaddle in newborn size (we moved to a size small when ans was about 3 months and no longer swaddled her arms!) 
  • simple mitten cuff onesies. mittens that stay on and protect their perfect little faces, amen!
  • philips avent soothie pacifers - it was a joyous day when we discovered the paci ;) 
  • mom's on call book, 0-6 months - this book was recommended to me by almost all the mommy's i know. it helps with feeding and nap time/sleep schedules to get your baby to sleep through the night. i'm not sure if its the schedules or the way ansley is wired or a little bit of both but she's been a sleepin' through the night for quite some time now so we will happily take it!  (you can start as early as 2 weeks. but we waited until 4 weeks. we attempted to start earlier but really that was just laughable haha)
  • sound machine for white noise during naps and bedtime  
  • the nest security camera to keep a watchful eye!! we initially bought the motorola baby monitor but ended up returning. we found we didn't really need the hand held monitor since our phones are always with us and it had some trouble picking up our internet. the nest has been great and is easy to install! 

wash and dry all your crap! :)

bath time!
  • boon bathtub,  i know there are so many out there, but this one works great and is super affordable

let's go somewhere!

need to put baby down? 

  • whatever works for you & baby! ansley slept in the uppa baby bassinet until we transitioned to crib. 

hand sanitizer, all day errrrday!

aaand !! take all the pictures! and videos! shower! coffee! soak in these moments!! you got this mama! xoxox!

ps. this list does not include the obvious like oh lets see, diapers, crib, changing table, etc but rest assured... if you forget something, amazon prime to the rescue!!!

pps. this post is brought to you by nap time and COFFEE! :)