Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 year in review!

happy new year! and twenty-seventeen! we are so living in the future :)  i love looking back at these years in reviews to see what all we were up to! the big and small moments. i am really going to try a bit harder to document life here, because freezing moments in time is important to me, chelsea coleen :) so let's see, twenty-sixteen..........

january. i had a birthday! a big one! my thirtieth birthday! which i still can't really believe. but i did :) and the entire week leading up to it i received postcard after postcard from so many family and friends! [thanks to my sweet mom who sent out pre addressed postcards to so many, ones with my face on them throughout all different stages of life! and had them each write me a note!] sweetest, best kind of gift for a sentimental words of affirmation girl like myself, traveled to tampa with austin for a post bday celebration, bought a car! traveled to charleston for the wedding of a college friend of ours! [marrying stone's old baseball teammate!]

february. traveled to new york city for a childhood bff's wedding [and got exceptionally fancy!], celebrated valentines day with my valentine for the ninth year, chocolate chip cookie baked a few too many, celebrated my brothers b-day on v-day!

march. marveled at the blooming blooms and spring sunsets, had our fair share of iced coffees and puppucinos, and well!  really was just a terrible documentor, so moving right along...

april. traveled to arizona for a highschool bffs wedding [we are ready to go back! so much fun. and 88 degrees in april, i am okay with that!], had din with my dearest dad who was in town for biz

may. celebrated austin's thirtieth birthday at the mountain with friends and fam! and then all over again on his actual birthday :) and also cheersed to my "darling" nana on her eighth birthday! [it was a big milestone birthday kind of year!!], spent memorial day weekend at the lake much like last year!

june. celebrated nine years of dating on the fourth! babies, we are no longer, traveled to manomet for an early beachy summer trip, which still remains one of our best ideas, made a little manomet to do list for those first timers! celebrated my dad on his sixth birthday! [see, milestone bday year!], austin received his CPCU designation, which required a whole lot of studying and insurance test taking and was the reason for our hawaii trip in september!

july. celebrated the fourth of july in nashville! jotted down some really good books to add to your beach readin' list here and also here! spent one summer night with my past and future aka counting crows concert going with my husband, which was definitely one of my favorite summer days like,  ever!

august. traveled back to manomet for visit number two! annual summer beach trip complete with a pirate party and family happy hours, and made sure to get a few grand slams, reminisced on an engagement shoot of ours in the magical serenbe, had some early morning coffee dates, obsessed over fruit ice cubes, added big green egg to our adulting resume, strolled on by the very place we said our i do's

september. hosted a baby shower for austin's cousin [featured here!] traveled to hawaii [honolulu and maui!] for a week of sun, palms, and mai-tais!!, celebrated two whole years of love and marriage

october. celebrated my parents thirty-fifth anniversary and soaked up fall in nashville, followed right by my mom's birthday, crafted some little bats to get us in the halloween spirit, walked in the last day of the Susan G. Komen 3 day for the cure in atlanta with austin [and together raised $1,920!], celebrated halloween as Hawaiians [seemed appropriate this year!] and shared some october traditions of ours

november. spent a couple of saturday mornings having breakfast at the park near our house [in shorts on some days!!], snapped all the pictures of char and his toys, had my parents come for a weekend visit, showered my breastie and her soon to be babe, gobbled til we wobbled pretty much on thanksgiving, road tripped to sarasota for the wedding of one of austin's bffs, saw our faces appear in southern weddings magazine :)

december. decked the halls for Christmas, traveled to boston to spend the weekend with some of the very best, and then of course, a quick twenty-four hours in manomet, celebrated Christmas in nashville for the very first time, spent the very last day of twenty-sixteen at the peach bowl watching alabama roll on through washington [roll tide!]

...and that's a wrap, hello, new year!

Friday, January 6, 2017

christmas scenes from nashville

tickets to Tom Petty in nash this april! yay! [if you don't want them parents, we will happily take them off your hands :)]

plaid twins! love my boys <3
we spent our first Christmas in nashville this year! just hopped in the car and headed on over. no airplanes involved! which is a first for me in a really long time! pre college days! i have grown use to traveling home to connecticut for Christmas from alabama and atalanta! and then last year to cabo :) but since my parents sold our house in connecticut and migrated on south, Christmas has moved and it was nice to take a break from the craziness that is flying pre Christmas! [last year we flew to cabo on Christmas eve and our flight was delayed and then delayed some more... nine hours later, it was finally time to go!] so we really enjoyed our days, spent sitting around the table for hours after dinner on multiple occasions, walks around belmont [and watching charlie jump right on into the fountain ;)], making sugar cookies, attending mass at one of the prettiest churches i have ever been in, playing lcr [it's so much fun! and i think austin's addicted :)], big breakfasts, big dinners, and eachother! its always the best getting to spend [mostly] uninterrupted time with the ones i love the most. thankful for them. and sure missing Christmas and our sparkly pine beauty!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

twenty-four hours in manomet!

when we planned our trip to boston, we knew we wanted to sneak in one quick trip to manomet. it is nearly impossible for me to be so close and not just hop on over! and i am so happy we were able to get a good twenty-four hours in one of my favorite places. but first stop! the caddyshack for fried clam strips [always and forever] for moi and a lobster roll for the stone. when in new england!! but after one yummy stop in plymouth, manomet bound we were! our dearest beach is certainly looking a bit different these wintery days compared to the summers when we are usually visiting but i love it just the same [well, you know, almost just the same! its really in its glory in the summer ;)] once we got cozied in we dined on pizza and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace [and watched frozen on abc fam! which i haven't seen before, and i so get why all the little ones love it so] the next morning we took one [cold! freezing!] walk on the beach where austin found his "beach trash" as he lovingly [and pretty accurately] referred to them which are really an old brick and a buoy. thaaat we carried on home in my checked suitcase might i add, ha :) we were also able able to set up a little camera we had bought my dad for Christmas that is the best. it faces the beach and is linked to our phones so we can peak in on it whenever we want by pulling up the app! i check it daily, technology is the best.  so are you, manomet <3 until next time!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

cabo flashback from last december!


warm moments from our trip cabo last december! how has a whole year passed on by!! oh it was a good one. <3