Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baseball vs Chelsea

i have had a love/hate relationship with baseball over the past 4 years...  
i can't seem to win it over.

we began our love affair my sophomore year at Alabama.  
i would always go to the Alabama Baseball games with my roommates to cheer on our favorite, favorite neighbor who played for the team.  
we would sit there with our 6 foot long banner (go Kodeman!) and scream at the top of our lungs (9 is fine!)

that season, baseball just adored me: our neighbor hit homerun after homerun, the weather was so very perfect and sunshiney and it all eventually led me to one of the other players... Austin. 

Baseball kept Austin and my relationship fun and exciting.  
Even though it would steal him away on some weekends, 
Baseball always made up for it by bringing him back and throwing a great party.

As time went on, Austin became major league material and in June 2009 baseball paid him back for his hard work in a BIG way --- drafting him to the Philadelphia Phillies.  
That beat ANY present I could give him. 

 While baseball has always loved Stone, it hasn’t always been so fond of me.  
It carried him far away up North for months and months.  
While it did allow me to visit every once in a while, it always made sure to throw in a couple of curve balls …extending the season, rescheduling games, canceling flights. 

Baseball has challenged me in a lot of ways. 
 It definitely makes me appreciate the time Stone and I do spend together much more.  
I am learning to deal with the curve balls and one day I will win over baseball, it might just take a few extra innings...


Frances said...

I like this one :-)

I think you will win baseball over soon rather than later! It might just taking a few extra innings..


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