Friday, November 5, 2010

For the Love of Music

Since Colin was little he has always loved music…. he has also always loved to bother me.  Put them together ….loud noises, a  brother who won’t listen, an emotional teenage sister and it became the perfect way to drive me absolutely crazy.

I was proud of my little brother when his band performed at his 4th grade end of the year party or at the 5th grade “Snowed in Challenge.”   I was proud of him when he performed at Starbucks or for the school talent shows.  I was proud of him when he recorded his first album and made his first "music video"…

However, the problem I had with Colin and his music was when he would practice.  If I could hear it at all, I had a problem with it.    I would spend my time leaning over the stairway banister, yelling at the top of my lungs, begging him to stop playing his guitar.  Unfortunately for me, my intimidation never worked.  In fact it encouraged him to play LOUDER and LONGER.

I am happy Colin didn’t listen to me.  He has continued to pursue his love of music over the years.  Now as a Berklee College of Music graduate, he is working for a music marketing company.  He has been with his band, Dear Havannah, for the past two years, and in that time they have released two albums, toured and performed at several bars, parties, and venues. 

He has a true passion for music, his band, and performing.  Some people search their whole lives to truly find  what they are passionate about.  Colin is one of the lucky ones....he just happened to know from a very young age.  But don’t get me wrong….. if he decides to practice when I am home for Thanksgiving, you can be sure to find me leaning over the stairway banister screaming for him to stop. 


Frances said...

The music video- lol!

I should have won an award for that outstanding performance. If you haven't watched it recently go and check it out. So funny!


Brianna said...

haha! Love it Chels, so true so true. You could be telling him a story and the whole time he would not be able to stop playing guitar! Pays off though, Dear Havanah is amazing!

katOUT said...

Practice makes perfect...But sometimes practice can be perfectly annoying!!!