Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 1 - Run for your life

Day one of the 3 Day for the Cure walk began bright and early at Lake Lanier in Buford, GA… nothing like a 7:30 start to a 20 mile walk…right? right!

The first several miles were a breeze. Jenna and I had no trouble keeping each other laughing and entertained over stories about guys, work, and life.   However, after the first 13 or so miles, my feet were over it.  They wanted out and I wasn't going to argue. So,Jenna and I decided to reach inside for the inner Amazon woman we always knew we could be. While walking down the long, windy roads of a residential community we decided to take off our shoes.  As soon as our socks hit the wet, cold, grass they were in heaven. Immediate relief.  A few strange looks were not going to make us think otherwise. 

After a mile or two in heaven, we were quickly brought back down to Earth by one of the volunteers who let us know we were some of the last girls in the pack and if we did not pick up the speed they were going to whisk us away in bra covered van and bring us to the finish line. 


I was walking for those women who could not.  My feet may have hurt, but not enough to make me give up.  Surely she did not know who she was dealing with ;)  We tied up our shoes and off we went.  Two girls, dressed in pink….on a mission.  To catch up with the sea of pink. 

We decided there was only one way to do this…and it was to run… to run fast.  Now, please keep in mind when I say, running is not allowed, they made that very clear to us.  It is a walk, a long walk at that and they do not need to add more injuries to the already long list.  

In that moment, adrenaline and determination took over our bodies.  Being the rebels that we are, we began to run.  Passing packs of girls along the way.  We ran until we were smack dab in the middle of the sea of pink.   Our random burst of intensity made us laugh the rest of the way to the finish line, where food, water, and pink tents were waiting for us.

 Don’t mess with girls in pink!  20 miles down, 40 to go!