Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 3 - Boots and Bloody Marys

Jenna and I had our 15 minutes of fame on Day 3 of the walk. Knowing that our feet could not walk another mile, let alone another 20 miles, in our tennis shoes Jenna and I decided to do a little shoe shopping.  We stumbled upon the most amazing, most comfortable, UGG-like boots.  As soon as Cinderella slid her foot in, she knew she had found her glass slipper.

With the help of our boots, 6 pairs of socks, and Dr. Shoals, we were ready to take on Day 3! 

Word spread quickly that two girls showed up in boots and claimed they were going to walk the last 20 miles in them.  We were told it was “either the smartest thing you could have done, or the dumbest.”  We were determined to prove everyone wrong. 

So the walk began and like clockwork the other walkers/volunteers/crowd asked us about our boots or to take our picture.  We may have looked a little out of place but the boots made it all 20 miles and our feet felt great...SUCCESS!

The last day grew the biggest crowds.  One family set up an entire coffee stand, passing out cups of Starbucks coffee and had their children running around pouring cream and sugar into everyones cups.  But the BEST stand we came across???  The brilliant couple who gave out Bloody Mary shots at 9 am on that Sunday morning.  All of us DESPERATLY ran over to get one… a little pep to our step was just what we needed to cross that finish line!