Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mansion

"We were so hot and tan, we lived in a mansion and had a garden and a pool...
no one had it as good as us" -- brilliantly quoted by one of  my favorites

While living in the best place on Earth, Tuscaloosa, and attending the best college on Earth, the University of Alabama, I lived in a 6 bedroom house with 5 other girls.  We affectionately named our home, "The Mansion," due to the size of it.  It always seemed to amaze others how 6 girls could actually live together in peace (uh, you know most of the time).  But we were 6 peas in a pod and looking back it seemed to go by so  much faster than any of us had imagined or would have liked.  We were lucky to have stumbled upon the Mansion but we were even luckier to have stumbled upon each other.  I think that's what made us able to live together year after year.  It was so easy and simple because of how strong our friendships were in the first place.

The Mansion was the best of both worlds.  It was nice to have my own room, my own space, and to be alone when I wanted.  But what made it perfect?  There was ALWAYS someone around to talk to, to hang out with...never a moment of loneliness and always someone there to make me laugh.  If you dated one of us, you dated aaaall 6 of us.  If you broke up with one of us, you broke up with aaaall of us (that was really never a good idea). We were a package deal, it was just something that came with the territory.... and who were others to argue?