Monday, November 22, 2010

My Bleeding Heart

I have a bleeding heart….. figuratively I mean.

As I was driving the other day, I cut through a shopping center parking lot in order to avoid the excessively long red light.  I have never really had the patience for stop lights or for that matter- stop signs (sorry Mom).  As I passed through, I saw an older man sprawled out on one of the curbs asleep. 

Somewhere along the line, you meet a person or see something so obviously wrong that you can't push it away.  Seeing this man lay there, as everyone else went about their day, was something I wasn't going to ignore.

I turned around and headed to McDonalds.  I decided to order him the #1 meal: double cheeseburger, fries, and a diet coke (maybe he was watching his weight???). 

After stealing one of his fries, I drove over to where he was laying and approached him... asking if he was awake.  As he slowly sat up I asked if he was hungry and gave him the food.  He looked surprised… but happy and thanked me.  As I got back into my car and drove away I noticed my hands were shaking.  And in true Chelsea fashion, I started tearing up.

Making an effort doesn’t mean it has to be something big… it can just seem that way depending on who you do it for….


Brianna said...

Such a sweetheart! I bet you made that guys day or week, and didn't add to any of his bad addictions, unless he is addicted to greasy foods :)

DEARHAVANAHcolin said...

CLASSIC big c! You are a kind soul-sista. This gives me an idea for a new song! SHWING!

Andi said...

You don't have patience for stop signs! lol I know that Chelsea all to well!!

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