Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stay off MY Snow

Hate is a strong word, so I try to be very careful when using it.  With that said: I hate winter.  It has held the number one spot on my personal hate chart for quite some time now.

I have lived in the North for almost my whole life.  I have experienced cold winter after cold winter and one thing remains the same: I will never get used to it. 

I can't stand the freezing temperatures come winter time. I don’t like the snow or the ice.  I don’t like long sleeves, layers, or big jackets.  Winter is one thing, but winter in the North is another. 

Our winters in Connecticut would last from October/November anywhere to March or April.  After being greeted one morning by a solid white wall of snow in APRIL, I decided I needed to go to college in the South.  It didn’t matter that I had never been away from home; I was going to do whatever I could to avoid another cold winter.  Hence my decision to attend the University of Alabama (quite possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made). 

Now, I have the best of both worlds.  I am able to avoid the terribly cold winters, while still getting a taste of winter when I go home for the holidays.  I will admit one thing: I do think it is beautiful after the first snow fall…anything after that and I’m over it. 

When I was younger, I loved the way our white house looked in the white snow and I didn’t want anything or anyone ruining my happiness... or MY snow.  I would be furious when I saw my next door neighbors cut through our yard, ruining the freshly fallen snow with their muddy footprints... (I may or may not have purposely walked on their snow to return the favor).

So,  if you happen to be walking by a pretty white house, with a yard covered in pretty white snow...PLEASE, stay off the snow.  And for those who need to escape the freezing tempertures, come visit :)