Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Things i Love This Week:

1. Taylor Swift, "Speak Now"

ahh I love this CD… I may or may not have it playing on repeat..  I have always loved Taylor Swift and her music.  I can usually relate to any one of her songs… even if my list of ex-boyfriends doesn’t include John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner…
 Anyways, if you don’t own it you need to.

2. Pine Scented Candles
Lately I find myself purchasing candles whether I need them or not and everytime I go to a store, I head for the candle aisle.  This candle is one of my favs…. I don’t think I’ll tire of this scent anytime soon.  I adore it and the Christmas feel it gives off, it's like having a Christmas tree year round without having the mess to clean up. 

   3. KEURIG

Ok I’m hooked.  I guess this officially makes me a coffee drinker?

Most of my mornings are spent scrambling to get coffee before I head to work.  It’s become routine, as well as another perfect way to waste my precious morning time.  I think after running into Santa Claus one morning at Dunkin Donuts (I seriously ran into a man dressed as Santa), it gave him the inkling that the Keurig would make the perfect gift for me.  It is so easy to set up and use.  I LOVE it! So if I seem a little overly caffeinated…you know why.

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Frances said...

I love all three things too!

1) Taylor Swift- can never get enough of the CD. It is so fun figuring out who each song is about!

2) I love candles (whenever I type candles I always think I am spelling it wrong. It looks funny, no?) In my room right now I have CinnaVilla. SO GOOD!

3)KEURIG you make me mornings so easy! A never ending supply of delicious flavors!

I think for next weeks favorite things you should watch Dexter ( if you haven't already) I started season 1 the other day and I am hooked.