Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Atlanta Mission

"You don't appreciate the fullness of life until you give some of yours away" - JF

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the annual Agape Diner at the Atlanta Mission.  If you are not familiar, it is an organization that assists homeless and addicted individuals within the Atlanta community with emergency shelter, addiction recovery, and transitional housing programs. 

This night was truly a very special night.  Several people shared their stories with us...stories of abuse, suicide, drugs, alcohol.. and how the Mission had intersected their lives and changed them.  It was so powerful that many teared up as the stories of each individual were told.    

Atlanta Mission has also created a special place called My Sister's House.  A safe haven that provides refuge for abused woman and children and for homeless women recovering from drug abuse...

The dinner helped encourage me to get involved. Next week, I along with a couple of my co-workers, are going to My Sister's House to serve dinner.  I am really looking forward to this experience and I know I be grateful for it. 

They are always looking for volunteers so if you are ever interested, please let me know!

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