Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do You Make Your Bed?

i make my beddy bye every morning
rain, sun, hot, cold, work, weekend, i make it!
it just makes me and my bedroom muuch happier!

stone has his own way of making my bed
sometimes he forgets to pull the top sheet up, sooometimes he doesn’t pull my comforter straight, sometimes he lays my pillows flat or stacks them on top of each other....
all of which are wrong! and drive me crazy!
and he knows this

but i do have to say, he does keep it interesting,
and make me smile pretty big when i walk into one of these creations......


Jennifer said...

Chelsea! I love reading your blog! Hope all is well with you!

Frances said...

You're better than me! 7 days a week? You go girl!!

Your room is so shabby chic. Mine is too :-)


Austin said...

You are right about that! i think that pic is some of my better work.