Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey Neighbor

my freshman year at Alabama, i lived in the all female, 14 floor dorm: Tutwiler
my neighbor was a girl named Drew, a girl who quickly became
one of my bestest friends, a friend i am so lucky to have.  

Unfortunately for me, my good fortune changed when I moved into our beloved Tuscaloosa “Mansion.”   
My roommates and I joined the unlucky ones: 
winning the you-have-got to be-kidding me lottery… 
We ended up living next to one of those neighbors and because of that, 
there are now two words that when used together send shivers up my spine... 
Hey. Neighbor.

She lived across the street and any time she saw us outside, she would scream frantically: “HEY NEIGHBOR!!!!” 

so you know, it was only fitting to make this her (secret) nickname.
  We quickly learned Hey Neighbor did not care to know us at all
Over the span of TWO years, she learned one of our names…
unfortunately, that name was MY name  

(she once introduced a roommate and I as "Chelsea and the other one"). 

Hey Neighbor had the best apartment; 
different from the Mansion in the I'm-always-clean-have-nice-furniture kind of way.
This rare gem did happen to suck us inside  a few times.   
But each visit was the same: she put us to work…
asking us to make ourselves useful and unload the dishwasher, 
help clean her living room, run an errand… 
(I could go on). 

So, if you ever come across a tall girl with light brown hair, 
who happens to use the phrase "HEY NEIGHBOR", way too often..
I would say run, but regardless of how fast, eventually 
she will find you.


Andi said...

In most cases I would be sad to be introduced as "the other one" But I'm actually quit thankful she never bothered to learn my name. ESPECIALLY that time she found us at the football game! I'm pretty sure we were with the baseball guys. What. A. Nightmare.

Frances said...

My sister,Hannah, has a creepy neighbor! (I guess he is my neighbor now too?) I think a friendly neighbor is better than a creepy one because they talk to you rather than stare at you! Lets just say, she had to install a 6 foot fence to keep Mister Creeper away...


katOUT said...

We had sketchy neighbors next door that moved out in the middle of the night. The FBI later showed up asking questions about them. Every neighborhood has someone!!!

mini C said...

hahahaha - love that story. I have had a few sketch neighbors as well solid point KAT..Thanks for the entertainment, back to work! TGIF