Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight…

One weekend in May my mom flew from Connecticut to visit me in my new apartment in Atlanta. I had just moved in and together we were on a mission to find furniture to fill my new home.  Kat has great taste so I knew I was in good hands.. what I didn't expect was to also fall in love that weekend...

We spent the morning striking out furniture store by furniture store. We were batting zero.  Leather couches, fabric couches, recliners, sectionals… too many choices.

Later that afternoon, we found ourselves in the Macy’s furniture department.  
People often say that there’s no need to search for love…it will find you.  There’s so much truth to that statement.

As I turned my head, we locked eyes and my palms started to sweat, my heart started to race... with butterflies in my stomach, I knew this was love.

That afternoon I fell in love with the most gorgeous …. 


They were exactly what I had always wanted: modern, feminine, comfortable... homerun! Seven months and our love is still going strong (and spill-less!)


Frances said...

Never settle for anything!

I love these couches. I might have to break into your apartment and steal them-all by myself. I think I could lift them?


Brianna said...

i love them too!! so adorable, glad you guys are happy in love <3

Bridget said...

they are so beautiful - even I refrained from ruining them ... and YOU KNOW my track record with new healy very loved furniture ... ^_^