Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Sighting

Today I saw one of the most legendary beings to have ever live…..

You might know him…..big, round, red-cheeked, joyous, old gentleman who delivers Christmas gifts in black boots and a red and white suit?  Sworn enemy of the Easter Bunny?

I stopped this morning to get coffee, having no time to wait in the drive thru; I parked my car and hopped out into the cold.  Through the store window I saw an older man with long white hair and beard sitting at one of the tables.  I laughed to myself, thinking this man looks awfully familiar....  As I got closer I could see his red velvet pants and black fur boots… SANTA! 

I'm used to seeing Santa in his big red chair surrounded by hundreds of children, so  it was a first for me to see him like this... listening to his ipod, drinking coffee, typing on his lap top...  He seems to be very tech-savvy considering his age. 

Regardles, he's real and he's here. You better be good...