Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Ulimate Accessory

The ultimate accessory: Nail polish.

It’s cheap, fashionable and always fits. 

A New York Times writer once said "Picking out just the right nail shade is what separates the terminally clueless from the cognoscenti."

I have painted my nails ever since I was little.  I love it.  It’s a trend that never goes out of style and is just another way to showcase your personality or mood. 

                         Trip to the beach?                     Pink.
                         Boyfriend broke up with you?   Black.
                         Alabama football game?         CRIMSON. 

I just hope my choices don’t put me in the “terminally clueless” category.

A friend of mine sent me the best blog about a woman who decided to paint her own nails with 365 designs in 365 days. 

She has created the most unique and elaborate designs… anything from Marilyn Monroe to the 70's rock band KISS, to more serious life events like 9/11.