Friday, February 25, 2011

last night stone and i went on a little date
It’s your typical, modern day love story:
boy whisks girl off for a romantic dinner over candlelight and cocktails… but when the clock strikes 10, Cinderella and her prince dash home to curl up on the couch and get their jersey shore on. 

But our classiness has nothing to do with my story.  let’s rewind a little shall we?

Let me first begin with the following statement:
I have a lot of clothes.

I know what your thinking:  all girls have a lot of clothes.
But friends, i really mean it, I have a lot
Dare I say more than most i know
(ok, minus my sweet friend Jenna; but she has an unfair advantage since she owns her own boutique)

Because of this, I have a very tough time deciding what to wear. 

a d pi's finest

Especially on date nights when I want to look extra fabulous.  
As a wise woman once said, "I like my money right where i can see it... hanging in my closet."
(trivia: name that character)

I wish...
As I stood there contemplating,  i decided to try a new approach.

me- Stone... will you pick out what I should wear?
boyfriend- how about you pick 3 outfits and ill choose
Me- no, no- you pick 3 and ill choose!

It was fun to watch Stone in action and see his choices.  His taste is, well… questionable.  All choices involved jeans, which if you are an avid blog reader of mine, you know my history with jeans.

Stone gets an A+ for effort, but his choices really weren’t up to par, and unfortunately i had to x them all. 

Nonetheless, date night was a success ... i shall miss these things when they all roll by


Mo Pie, Please said...

Glad you had a good date night! I can't let my guy decide what I wear like that either - he can choose between things for me, that's fine. But if he were to get me dressed, it would be pretty basic and not at all appropriate for whatever we were going to do (unless that was going to the grocery store or osmething!)

Have a great weekend!

Kasey Lynne said...

That quote is from sex and the city right?!!? If I'm wrong, that's a big LOSER for me :)

jayme said...

CARRIE BRADSHAW!!! i've always lived by that quote. date night outfits are always tough but then i remember that 1. he doesn't know much about fashion 2. he'll hopefully think i'm purdy anyways and 3. it probably won't be on for too long. ow! hahah i'm totally kidding about #3, it just felt like something like that should have been said during this convo. haha, sorry, inappropriate... :)


katOUT said...

You finally admitted it....YOU have a lot of clothes!

Frances said...

Hope you had fun, Chels! You looked beautiful! xo

Kerr said...

sex and the city!!! I love a good sex and the city quote, well done.

Betsey said...

haha, so Carrie Bradshaw! :)
such a cute post - love your blog!

Mrs.Grinder said...

hahahha I LOVE THIS!!!! I'm going to have Gabe pick my next outfit for me, we'll see how that goes!

Ashley said...

Love the Carrie quote, and love the cute pics....yay for a great date!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha, I love me some Carrie Bradshaw! I think the outfit you ended up decided on looked great!

b. said...

that's funny! i am terrible at buying clothes (i just hate busy stores), so it is my boy who ends up choosing a lot of my stuff, thankfully he has an excellent eye and comes up with some very good stuff!


steph c said...

Love it! I believe the quote is by Miss Carrie Bradshaw??

And I totally understand the men/fashion thing.. I try to have my FI pick out an outfit, or at least help, and 9 times out of 10 it's a no go. I'll give him an E for effort though!

Meghan said...

Love the Carrie quote!

I totally wish I still had a gazillion closets to shop in - I remember it well in college!

Whitney said...

hope the last date night went well! thanks for looking at my blog, too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the SATC quote-it is so true, haha!:')
GHope your date night went well, + i love the outfit you chose in the end. Is that a brown leather skirt? I love it!x

Young and Fabulous said...

hahahahaha we literally are twins...I need to get Kurt to try this...I think I will have him try it tonight

i think its so funny you x'ed all of his ideas...i think i would too though...guys just dont get it lol