Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl

Some people watch the Super Bowl for its football.  Others, watch for its commercials. Can you guess which category I fall into?

My favorite commercial of the night was by Volkswagen.  It was so adorable.  It featured a little kid dressed as Darth Vader who tried to move just about anything using “the force.”  After many failed attempts he gives it a shot on his Dad’s new car… success!

How can you not love it?  It's pretty much irresistible!  Watch it here!

Another one of my favorites was “Reply All” by Bridgestone.  It featured a guy accidentally hitting “Reply All” instead of “Reply” on an email… By his reaction you can assume its one of those really personal emails that you only want one person to read…rather than everyone you work with. 

It would be a total work nightmare.  I know I personally have had those worries before.  A co-worker of mine once told me the email I had sent him had actually been sent to everyone in our office.  My heart sank.  Thankfully, he was kidding.  I am just glad I am not the one who hit “Reply All”….   Watch it here


Frances said...

my favorite was the Doritos commerical with the pug! too funny!!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

hehe I liked the Reply to All one too!! Yeah they were pretty funny this year!! =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come visit anytime!

Melanie's Randomness

ladaisi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have such a sweet layout here.

I actually don't watch television, so I didn't see the superbowl. I was listening to Neil Borscht on the radio earlier this morning and he said he couldn't tell what the commercials were for, although the Darth Vador one was his favorite too.

Then he went off on this whole shpeel about half-time and how women loved it and men hated it. You?

- Lauren

jayme said...

i missed that reply all commercial but i loved that darth vader one too! that kid is too cute!!

have a great monday girl!! xo

ps your blog is too cute!

Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...

Ok so let me try this again. It was so nice to have you stop by my blog. I am passing on some blogger love to you and following your adorable blog. Check out she is also on my front page and her husband plays baseball in Florida. Drop in again and say hello...Dawnxo

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED that Darth Vadar commercial! It was adorable!

Mrs.Grinder said...

hello there! Dawn from Suitcase Vingettes sent me your way because we're both in relationships with baseball players! My husband is still in college, finishing up his senior season and i'm always blogging about how it steals him away from me! look forward to reading your blogs :)

Natalie Suarez said...

cute blog !love it :)

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh I liked the "Reply All" one too!

katOUT said...

I watch the Super bowl because of the food...the nachos, the wings, the dips, the mini hot dogs...need I list more! :)

Cherry Pullinger said...

Haha, the 'reply all' advert sounds pretty funny!

London Lisa said...

The Reply All commercial was definitely one of my favs! Love the blog and I'm choosing to be Happy too! xo

Poo said...

I watch it for commercials and read Owl City's tweet as he turns the super bowl to lord of the ring bowl.
I like the reply all commercial!

Bromeliad said...

Little Darth was my favorite, too.

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