Wednesday, March 2, 2011

going away party..for two

I love to celebrate.
And I love stone.
put the two together and you get: a goodbye party…. for two

Celebrating the happiness and wishing him good luck, i am saving the tears for tonight when i have to say goodbye.On a more important note: i am very happy to say, I did not pass out from blowing up all these balloons. I'm just your modern day superwoman.


jayme said...

aww so sad! when do you get to see him next?! ...roll tide...

alexandra grecco said...

thank you for your sweet comment! you have a lovely blog ; )


Erica said...

Another sweet gesture. Lean on us if you need support!!

According to Ana said...

Love the handmade banner.
what a nice friend you must be

Dawn said...

Hi, I like the name of your blog. I can see that you are choosing to make the best of your situation with Stone leaving you for a bit. I choose to be happy most of the time except for when I am working.... I am only happy when I am clocking out....have a great night...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. Hang in there...xo

I'm Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping in on my blog. I love the name of your blog. Hope you stop in again and I will be sure to visit you again. By the way, adorable home made banner!!

Melee said...

I am impressed at your balloon-blowing skills! I tend to get lightheaded after the first two. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's so cute! I love that you did the balloon wall!

Bobbi said...

Thank you for the sweet sweet comment on my blog today. You made me smile!!

Krystal said...

saying goodbye = never good :)

Could you email me your address for the Pay it Forward if you'd like to participate?? And also if you are a gold/silver + bracelet/necklace/earring type of girl?? :) or a surprise kind of girl??

Vanilla said...

Thank you for your lovely comment :) you have a lovely blog :)

Love, Vanilla

Courtney B said...

:( So glad you had a happy party but I would be so sad too.. distance is not fun at all!

molly said...

you need to be a party planner. the end!

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