Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my little leprechauns!!

I miss waking up on St. Pattys day morning to find the leprechaun had visited and turned our milk, water, and toilet water green.
My momma was always very good at the little surprises. 
Maybe a little too good… Santa Claus is real…..right?

I'm half Irish, I know this because in 'hike school' (name what movie thats from) we had to put together a pie chart of our heritage. 
Roughly translated, this means, today, on St. Patricks Day, my day will be 50% more luckier than someone who is not.

At least, that's what I like to think.

In other news:
Tomorrow my little sister will be visiting (!!!), and here is a sneak peak of the weather forecast:



jayme said...

im wearing a very light springy almost neony lime green scarf and i'm assuming thats working because i have yet to be pinched. but i'm so glad you're feeling better today!

i'll be popping some nyquil around 4pm today so i can sleep after my eye surgery. waahooo!!!!

80 and sunny!? DAAANG girl! we'll have about 72 and sunny or so but i'd of course prefer yours!

also, so funny that you saw that alabama post of mine! my ex went to bama so we've been numerous times! i love tuscaloosa, it's always an awesome time!!

clearwater! oh i'm so jealous!! i wish i could be in florida too! so happy you get to see stone AND you're feeling better AND it's halfway your holiday today AND you're wonderful AND everything else is perfeeeect!! (did you sense the gradual song i created?)


Yours Truly said...

OMG your blog is so fun!! Looking forward to more :)

LCR said...

thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I'm glad we found eachother too;) gotta love bloggy friends.
Happy St. P's! Hope you have a great day.
Twitter: @LCROutsideVoice

Thomasina said...

I love this post! You must be so excited to see your sister and some very nice weather. Enjoy your green day!

Brooke said...

That's so cute that your mom did that and yay for great weather!! :D

Kimbirdy said...

aw, your mom's so cool!! that's very creative. have a blast with your sister tomorrow!

Frances said...

I've got my green my on! I am only a quarter Irish. I hope I still get some luck!

Sophie said...

yay so exciting that your sister is coming on a sunny day. i dont know what 80f is in celcius haha but it sounds like it will be great. happy st patricks day :)

Meghan said...

80! Wow! I am majorly jealous! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister!

Shalyn said...

Okay seriously? Please ask your mom to adopt me- she sounds AWESOME!

Sam {} said...

cute, cute post!! have so much fun. enjoy the weather!

Courtney B said...

Oh so cute!! I've never heard of turning toilet water green...haha so fun!
Hope you're feeling better and have so much fun with your lil sis in AMAZING weather!!