Tuesday, March 1, 2011

rabbit rabbit rabbit

I can’t believe its March 1st

I'd like a super-sized order of:

but pleaseeee hold the baseball.

on the first of every month, my family says 3 words as soon as we wake up:
rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

This is a long time superstition/saying to bring you LUCK!
But of course, there are rules you must follow.

     1: must say out loud
     2: must say on the first of the month
     3: must be the FIRST thing you say when you wake up

I have been doing this since i was little bitty, so I am kind of a pro. 

My family is really very good at it,  but just as a precaution we all make sure to send out “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” text messages to each other.
My friends have caught on as well, which i love, because lucky friends, make the best of friends.

Austin is getting there.  He needs a  little reminder. 
I made sure to text him this morning.  his response?
 "rabits to you too! its going to be a good month"

(no stone, not when you spell rabbits wrong and don't say it 3 times)

so... say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

or don't

but don't say i didn't warn you.......

and if you want to know the origin: check out my mama's blog


BRO said...


b. said...

i love these little traditions! i had a teacher at school who told use you had to say 'white rabbit' three times and walk round in a circle, and that you had to do it as soon as you got up, before you said anything to anyone else!

oh and totally count me in for your supersized order with a double scoop of sunshine!


katOUT said...

Whenever i type the word rabbit..i have to spell check it. Rabit? Rabbit? Rabbitt? Either way...Good luck to Austin!

idratherbeshopping said...

thanks so much for stopping by today! your comment made me laugh -- glad my title resonates with you :) it's how i feel all the time!

i just got a huge kick out of your rabbit, rabbit, rabbit superstition...your mom's blog is so funny too!


Frances said...

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Fran and Duncandog

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

so cute!! love traditions like that :)

Megan said...


i said it out loud.

i'm not going to be the person who loses the luck..


Breezy said...

Last night I was up when the clock stroke midnight and became March 1st so I said it then and when I woke up (looking for some extra luck perhaps.) And I laughed outloud when I read what Austin said... hahaha he'll learn soon enough!!!

Whitney said...

ah i say rabbit rabbit too! (but only twice!)

Shabana said...

cute! i will check out your mom's blog!

Freshly Rooted said...

i love traditions like this! especially in families! happy march!

From the Mind of Thomasina said...

Seeing that you visited my blog, I wanted to stop by to say hello! Seeing that I'm new to the whole rabbit idea, does it count against me that I said my three today?

Señorita said...

Love your blog; the pictures are really beautiful... Oh, and make that a double order of sunshine, pretty flowers and pool time for me :)

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Bestie said...

love this!

Yvette said...

lovely post!



Michelle (michabella) said...

Bahahaha LOVE. I could use a lil good luck. I hope I remember this July 1.