Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This one time... at band camp....

Ok fine.
 I’ve never been in band or to camp.  
But I HAVE always wanted to say that.

Moving on….

This one time… at work…

Something terrible happened.

a cute pie little University of Georgia college boy came in to interview for our summer internship.
naturally, i had to pry…. I mean say hi.

and i'll have you know i was absolutely appalled at what he said next. 
“yes…….. ma'am.

I about lost my balance.

i turned to him, my eyes a fiery red and shouted:

"excuse me little boy, I AM 25 FABULOUS YEARS YOUNG.  i have not reached ma'am status.  if you ever call me that again i will call security and have you banned.".... my wrath ain't pretty.

ok. i really didn't.
but sometimes when i fantasize.....i did.
and it was awesome.
but then i come back to reality.

instead "good luck" came out of my mouth.
i think. i don't know.
i was totally having an out of body experience. 

i would lovefor the story to end there.
but yall.... it happened AGAIN ...on the SAME day.

another girl who interviewed uttered the same ugly words
right. to. my. face.

after some soul searching
(about 5 minutes at my desk drinking coffee)
i told myself:
Chelsea, in model years you are almost 40. and well, if you can't beat them....join them.

so i'm off now to soak my teeth in water, play bridge and go to bed at 7:30 pm SHARP.
 i am so going to be the hottest girl in the nursing home.


Sarah said...

hahahhaha, oh my gosh!!! My last post is about this same EXACT THING!!! What is with these people?!?!!? 25 is not Ma'm material!!

Tucker said...

I get called m'am alllll.of.the.time I'm almost immune to it now. but the first few times are the worrrrst.
in other news, I'll be joining you in the nursing home.

Rissy said...

ummm well at least they have good manners?

I'd attribute it more to the whole you work where they want to work thing, and they are MAD nervous!

I'll go to the nursing home with ya... sometimes bed at 7:30 sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

Oh and where do you work btw?! or what do you do?


Cailin´s Place said...

jajajaj!great post!kisses

melissa said...

That is so random and mean!!!! Lol. I would have the same reaction as you though. You are young and fabulous - no matter what a few young children say! xoxo

Lynn said...

Love it!!!

Meg O. said...

I love getting called ma'am. But maybe it's because I'm an old fart of a teacher.

Thomasina said...

Wow lol! That was great. Getting called ma'am is a sign of respect, so don't freak out too much.

Sophie said...

hahah AWESOME! next time i get called ma'am ill think of you haha xx

christine donee said...

I cried the first time someone called me "ma'am".. true story.

Monti said...

Good luck in the nursing homes!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

HAHAHA! I love how you added yourself to the photo. Girl you are YOUNG!

Choiii said...

ahahaha :L you are young and beautiful, I think he was just nervous and being polite :L

Michelle said...

At least they call you ma'am and not miss ALL DAY LONG!!! I'm a freshmen english teacher and my children still don't call me by my name. I'm known as Miss. "Miss, can I use the bathroom?" "Miss, why are you so mean?" "Miss, I didn't do my homework because it flew out of my dad's truck window...." You get the idea....

And yes, you will be the hottest girl in the nursing home. I hope I will be too. LOL!!!

LCR said...

oh my gosh, i always know i'll get a laugh coming by your blog. you run into the funniest situations:)

Stephanie and Such said...
Just found your blog and I am cracking up!!
That is THE best picture ever!!

New follower :)

Jessica said...

hahah you are HIlarious!! Luckily, I have yet to experience this - but I'm sure I will have the same feelings, I mean you can call my grandma ma'am but not ME!

Megan said...

Hahahaha. That picture totally made me laugh out loud!! I get ma'am a lot, too now. Give us a least wait to call us senile until we are 30!

Kandice said...

i get called ma'am allllll the time in grocery stores. IM NINETEEN.