Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday is the New Friday!

This morning i was chit chatting with my sweet cube neighbor at work.
she said she thought today was Friday.
have you ever done that?
i have.
and its been super horrible when i realized it wasn't.
she didn't realize til she was at work. in the elevator. about to be on our floor.

she said well its kind of like Friday... since we have tomorrow off (Good Friday!)

i might be 25 years young
and i might work in a corporate environment
but i was definitely jumping up and down, hugging her and maybe squealing a little...

so so happy. surprises like this are the best.

last night sweet little breast friend Jenna came over late night for wine and girl talk. 
friend time is good for the soul

Evenings like these just remind me of how thankful i am for my friendships...
for people who are always there for you and vice versa
i think its really great to have relationships like that.

new and old
near and far
real and "blogger-real?"
(yes, i made that up)


Samantha said...

I love nights with friends :) I went last night to have sushi with some grad school buddies and it was so nice to sit back and relax!! LOVE your blog!! it makes me laugh and your posts always brighten my days! it was nice to find a blog of some one my age! :)

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

A true girls' night is always fun and always needed. :) Happy "Friday"... ;)


la mì said...

Wonderful POST!
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Glamour Marmalade

Ashley said...

I agree friendships are soooo important especially when there good ones! I have a hand full of girls I call my besties! :)

Jennifer said...

All you people with Friday off are annoying me! I will sadly be at work:(

kimbirdy said...

oh surprises like that ARE the best!! congrats on having an unexpected day off. also, that's so weird your company is shutting down for good friday. but hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth right? hooray!

Amy said...

I'm celebrating today like Friday too! So glad to have tomorrow off!

Michelle (michabella) said...

What an AWESOME surprise!!! I am jeal...Enjoy your day off tomorrow..I have to work. Boooo.

And boy could I use a girls/wine night! <3

Sarah said...

Ahh! I've been so confused on all my days this week! I took this Monday for our play and I've got tommorrow off too. All week I have to get my officemate to remind what day it is!

Rissy said...

umm we could sit on skype and drink wine because we are "bloggy-real" friends. that'd be fun right?

I thought it was Friday all day today because I am also off work tomorrow!!!! we should party! oh poo we are multiple states away : (


linnea paulina said...

Hope you have a great day off tomorrow :o) Lucky!!

Ashley said...

while i'm intensly jealous that you have tomorrow off,i wish you a wonderful, sunny day. ....while i'm slaving away in my cube ;)

Consider The Lilies said...

yay for good friendships and yay for wine!! :)

Justina F. Lee said...

TGI fridays!

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

Girls nights are the best! Have a great weekend!

Jenna said...

hey dear. thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment. your blog is so dang cute. i love how you called your friend "breast friend" haha. i also could imagine two girls hugging and squeeling about it being thursday! i love thursdays for the fact that each week it's my friday! keep blogging, i loved stalking you. not in a weird way though.

Megan said...

Hooray for a long weekend! That's wonderful!! Girl friends like that are hard to find...hang on to her!

Happy Easter!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I get so sad and depressed when I've got half of a day thinking that it was Friday and it's really only like a Wednesday! Haha!

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