Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All Hail...

when i first entered the blog world, 
i came across this one blog that had guest bloggers post their writtings on it.
i was so confused.
yet at the same time..... so intrigued
i too wanted to be crowned with that "guest blogger" title

and so today is the day.
when all my wildest blogging dreams come true.

i was asked to guest post on

little Ms. Ashley's bloggie.

i am here:


Rissy said...

I'm glad this makes you happy... because I will be asking you to guest post eventually.... I just need to decide when my blog-cation is going to be.


Young and Fabulous said...

woohoo! I will have to go and read! I have also never guest posted before! :)


Julie said...

New follower here! Found you from Ashley's blog and so glad I did! I live in Atlanta, too, and I love finding local bloggers! So, hello!

Beth said...

ashley gave me the oppoturnity to do my first guest post last week.


Molly said...

LOVE your blog and your post :) Can't wait to read more!

Ashley said...

so exciting! love her blog!

Claire said...

haha i love your crown :) thanks for visiting, love yours too xx

Shalyn said...

You look great in a crown:-) off to read it now!