Monday, May 16, 2011


i think its time for us to take our relationship to the next level.
time to meet the fam
ill save the rest of them for another day 

today i want to introduce you to my Mom
she has been a blogger for about 3 and a half years
she blogs because she simply loves to write.
not for fame, fortune, and world domination like some (i.e. me)

she is ridiculously talented
which is no real surprise
it runs in the family

i asked her to guest blog,
 so you can all bask in her awesomeness.
i am surrounded by nothing but the best mentors.

and also, to prove i will look pretty fab as i get older. (thanks mom)

SO enjoy.
and follow her: here
or else i'm telling your mom on you....

Hi! What an honor to be a guest on Chelsea’s blog! 
I am a fellow blogger, known as Kat,
but I am most proud to be known as…Chelsea’s mom.   
 As you know by now…Chelsea is a sweet person and being her mom…
I have license in all 50 states to say that.

When Chelsea first asked me to be a guest blogger I thought,
“this must be what it feels like to be asked to be a guest on the Jay Leno Show. 

THRILLED to be asked, FEAR of saying something dumb, and ANXIOUS over what to wear. 
This morning I’m wearing:  jeans, a plain white-t, and flip flops. 
(Note to self:  go spring shopping…spruce yourself up.) 

I have given myself the title “Blogger Extraordinaire of Avalon.”  

(Hey, Kate Middleton already took “Duchess of Cambridge.”)
  I am extremely diligent with my postings and have three and half years of blogging under my blogger belt. 

My husband and I are empty nesters. 
 I really miss having our chicks in the cuckoo’s nest with us.
Chelsea’s dad, Paul, and I will be married 30 years this October. 
Woot Woot.  Which is a long time for owls to be married. 
 The secret to a long marriage is 3 things…

1.  Be nice…so don’t say everything that pops into your head.  (Leave that for Kellie Pickler.)
2.  Stay Nocturnal.
3.  Always give a hoot.

I refer to my hubby as PaulA in my blog…because the airlines always print his boarding pass with his first name and middle initial together…so it looks like a girl’s name. 
I crack up over the gender switch…which even manages to crack a smile on some airport security people.  (That ain’t easy.)

We call Chelsea…Big C…a name given to her by her bother and his friends. 

 Her brother, Colin, is nicknamed Colinboy (although he’s 23)…which is a rip-off of John boy from the Waltons…
and Brianna is either Wishy, Sweet Wish, or Wish Queen of America. Your choice.

Oh, and Duncandog is our amazing dog. 

He’s a Portuguese dog…not a bird dog…so he hasn’t flown the coop. 

But he does tweet.  You can follow him on Twitter.

We are a family of nicknames and occasional knick knacks.  
My favorite knick knack is my Coach Calhoun bobblehead. 
Calhoun is the coach for the UCONN (University of Connecticut) men’s basketball team.
(National Champions!)
I have been singing the national anthem at UCONN games for almost 10 years…

which can be quite exhilarating and scary with a side of anxiety…all rolled into one.
  I don’t EVER want to pull a Christina Aguilera and mess up the words... 
My family might disown me.

In my own blog I write about family, the zany randomness of life, and current events. 
Who can resist writing about characters such as Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen…and shark bait such as Bin Laden?

And I never miss an opportunity in my blog to laugh at myself.  Cuz if you can’t laugh at yourself…you’re just a bobblehead.  Nod with me!!! 

Visit me at here  …….…..katOUT
Ps.  We shall see if Big C let’s me do this again!!!


i told you she was great. love you katwoman!
now go follow her


Rissy said...

aww Chelsea that was so awesome! I guess we all know where you got your sense of humor and talent for writing! Your mom rocks!

And wow! the UCONN crowd? Talk about performing to a full house...

Can I call you Big C, or do we need to be family? ; )


Shalyn said...

Holy moly, hilarious runs in your family- LOVED reading that!

jayme said...

now i know where you got your tiny waist!

she's a doll face, just like her daughter!


Taryn said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :-)

I'm now your newest follower! Feel free to follow back :)


Megan said...

Awwwww, this is the cutest thing ever! I love your mom. It's quite obvious that your fantastic sense of humor comes straight from her!! Y'all are precious!

Jenny said...

yay! this is awesome. Thanks for sharing about your life! :)

Ashley said...

i adore that your mom referenced the waltons! love her writing style - if she needs a 25 year old BFF tell her we can totally hang!

oh and serious creepy stalker confession: i've been looking through your FB pics and I've decided I want your wardrobe! it's my new mission in life to copy your outfits.

glad you blog for world domination too ;)

Michelle said...

I swear you guys are the prettiest mother/daughter combo. Forget guys have the prettiest FAMILY!! Every single one of you are attractive! Even Duncandog!!

I love how your mom writes!!! You guys are adorable!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw! Your mom is too cool! How awesome that she's been singing the anthem for them for that long!

Eva said...

how fun to have a blogging mama! i wish my mom would blog :)

Tucker said...

obsessed with this! my fam has a big thing for nicknames too... it's the only way.

I'm now following katwoman.

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