Monday, May 2, 2011

a very strange week

happy may !

Can you believe it?

Even though May has gotten here so fast, I am very happy its here. 
There is so much to look forward to and so much happening this month I know its going to go even faster. 

With that being said....
Last week was just a very, very, strange week for me.

Each day seemed to provoke a new emotion.
From the deadly mile wide tornado that destroyed Alabama and other southern cities
to Prince William and Kate’s fairytale wedding
to finding out U.S. military capturing and killing Osama bin Laden.

It was just ...a lot.

 Death and destruction.... romance and fairytale endings ....justice and celebration.

God sure does like to keep us on our toes....

Just wanted to send a bighugeundying thank you forever out to the soldiers who have fought for us and to their families for all the scarifies they have all had to make.
it is a very good day to be an American :)



Ashley said...

God sure does like to keep us on our toes....
Love that comment :)

Rissy said...

perfect wrap up of the crazy week... there is no other way to describe it but CRAZY.

Oh and yes... thank you thank you all those serving!


Jessica said...

the greatest day to be an american!

Michelle said...


Rorie said...

Very emotional rollercoaster ish week!

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely post! Its been a very exciting week for both good + bad reasons, + i hope everything calms down abit now:') Xxx

Thomasina said...

You're absolutely right, it was a crazy week! I live in western, ny and it's been raining non-stop, so I'm praying that May will bring us some sunshine.

Alisha said...

Crazy week indeed.

Hope you have a great day, my dear!


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

It's been a weird week indeed!


Cailin´s Place said...


b. said...

the year has been flying by, and this weekend alone has been epic in terms of world events!


LCR said...

Life has certainly thrown us alot of curveballs lately! It blows me away too.

Consider The Lilies said...

it really is crazy the extremes we have seen this past week. God certainly does keep us on our toes with surprises

Jodie said...

You're right, it was a crazy week! Like you said... God sure does like to keep us on our toes... and he has a reason for everything too!

Meghan said...

It has most definitely been a whirlwind week, that's for sure!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Yes, def a crazy emotional week....Still overwhelmed by it all.


Maggy said...

it certainly was a lot...good idea to look back, now onto May? My goodness.

Dawn said...

That pretty much sums it all up....and yes we can still be friends. You are going to have to work less or learn to blog while you are pretending to's your choice...great post. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. xo

Shalyn said...

My thoughts exactly- so much going on! You definitely had it right when you said God keeps us on our toes!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Exactly right!

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