Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bed Making Extraordinaire

Bed making is a particular art.
 No one makes one quite the same.

i make my bed every morning.
i do.
rain, shine, snow, if its freezing cold, or the summer air is on fire.
its still made.
even when no one will see it, I make it. 

there is just something about about crawling into my bed at night that makes it so comfy
comfy=lots of beauty sleep=me extra beautiful

i'm a bit particular and if someone other than myself makes my bed...

it just looks wrong

Stone is the master of driving me caa-razy with this

... sometimes he forgets to pull the top sheet up,
... sometimes he doesn’t pull my comforter straight,
... sometimes he lays my pillows flat or stacks them on top of eachother....

although... he does keeps it interesting,
and i really can't help but to giggle when i see his newest creation

of course, after i'm done giggling.
i re-make it.

Like I said... I am very particular. 


Rissy said...

hahah that is so funny! he built you a little pillow/bear skyscraper.

I'm super particular too... but I almost took Nick's head off once for not making my bed AT ALL when I asked him too. I felt bad later...
swear I did.

"=me extra beautiful" bahahah I love you


Chelsea said...

Haha, love the picture. I especially love that it is topped off with the stuffed animal :) There's something about a beautifully made bed that just makes the room look complete. Thanks for the motivation to make my bed EVERYDAY... even if it's raining ;)

Megan said...

Haha! Love his creations! : ) My hubby makes the bed every morning...just because he knows how much I love it! He's a doll!

cailen ascher said...

hi, i'm cailen and i'm a bed-maker. i need to make the bed every day otherwise the room just doesn't feel right. my fiance is so sweet about making it if he's the last one out of bed, but sometimes his bed-making skills are lacking, and i, too, need to redo it : )

jayme said...

Sup girl crush- how you doin? ...why am I so convinced that you, stone, John, and myself would be the bestest friends and double daters EVER!! We should hook them up & all live happily ever after!! XO

Megan Mae said...

Heehee! I got a good giggle out of it. My bed is only pulled up to be made. It functions as a partial couch so it has to be pulled up. I often leave it unmade though after reading that by making the bed you trap in dust mites and promoting allergen growth.

Ashley said...

love the way the pillows eclectic! haha....i am the same way about corners are a MUST!

Shalyn said...

I really like his creation...if I didnt have a mild case of OCD myself and have a mild anxiety attack when something I make perfect isnt that way then I would tell you to keep it! ha!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Hahah, I love it! A guy I used to date would always try and make the bed to meet my expectations!

Dawn said...

You should make your bed it cuts down on dust mites and keeps things from crawling under the spiders. Gross I know. Cute post and I love how Stone made your bed...just to make you smile.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

this made me laugh out loud. the dog at the top? priceless.

i also can't believe you make your bed every morning. i need to be like you. my mom would love me more.