Monday, June 20, 2011

the best surprise

one of my old pledge sisters/mansion roommates, Ady, recently had a birthday.
which is great and all except for that fact that girlfriend up and left us in Atlanta for San Fran
who does that?

Unfortunately, California happens to be a hop, skip and 20 hours away so i could not attend but shes a smart girl
and came up with the very best way to include me and another one of her old roomies (hi LindZ!) in the big birthday celebration....

my face. on a popsicle stick.
it just doesn't get any better
i loooved it
and then my heart hurt for a minute or two because it made me miss her.

as the night continued, the pictures of "me" kept rolling in.
keeping me laughing. and laughing.

me getting my drink on
as well as the next morning,
 with my face next to a guy passed out on their couch.

she knows my love for birthdays, old friends and the color pink and she wouldn't let me miss out.
 i just could not be more thankful for friends like that.
they make this crazy world go round


Rissy said...

hahahah I am SOOO doing this on my next birthday with my friends pictures.
If anyone ever did this with my face, I'm pretty sure I'd love them forever and ever and ever.


Ashley said...

Awe, thats super cute! I like that idea!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG! You DO have super cute and AWESOME friends! :)

Heather said...

hahahahahaha! what a creative idea, and a fun friend! its so nice to have people like that in your life!

-Heather from

Meghan said...

Ha! That is so amazing!

Megan said...

This is SO SO cute!! What great friends!

Anonymous said...

Aww that is too sweet it is so great to have such great friends

Megan said...

so so cute!

Young and Fabulous said...

lol omg i LOVE this!! best idea ever

send me one


Shalyn said...

Your friends are so awesome- I love that!

Michelle said...

Aww! What amazing friends you have!!!! Looks like they had a blast!