Friday, June 24, 2011

a duncan, a drew and a birthday

dear dunkie,

happy happy 13th birthday my love
you are officially a teenager!
{in doggie years ..91 in people. yes lets forget that part} 
you have grown from being the cutest baby fluffball:

to being a really handsome, smart, sweet man dog friend/brother:

i miss your warm greetings and cute random burts of energy.
i cant wait to see you and the fam at the beach in July,
i pro
 love your sista


also. i cant forget my human friend. and her 26th birthday today!

happy birthday princess drewy.
i love you x a million.

thank goodness the Tutwiler Gods made us dorm neighbors freshman year.
you are one of my life long friends, sorrry your kind of stuck with me :)

i miss moving my mattress into yalls to have sleepovers,
i miss all the fun we had in da Bahamas (Paddington!)
and your funny stories, and comments, and um everything.

i'm also still really sorry for spilling my drink on you at the bama game...
have a happy birthday dunkie and drewy!


Jenni Austria Germany said...


SUCH a fluffball.

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Awww, what a super cutie...I so need a dog like this. :) So adorable! :)
So, happy birthday to your human friend and dog! Both deserve the best day ever. :)


Anna Walker said...

Wow! Duncan looks like a realllly big dog! My dog just turned 14 on June 20th! We both have teenager dogs! :)
Happy Birthday to your friend too!

Anonymous said...

Duncan is so adorable!!! Happy birthday to both!

Gentri said...

Oh that doggie is ADORABLE!! What kind is he?? Tell him happy birthday for me! haha!

Tucker said...

i think we're destined to be real life friends. called it.
i'd even be OK with you throwing a few drinks on me.

and i'm obsessed with this dunkie. jb and i are dog shopping... for 2011 christmas. and i need a dog who doesn't shed! (jbs allergic. booo)

The Bookness said...

Happy happy bday to them both. =)
You're blog is great and I'm following. Maybe you'll visit me one day too.

Erica said...

He is so cute! what a sweetie! Happy birthday to him and your friend!

P.S. I'm so glad you love the South! It's the best!

North Meets South

anthony stemke said...

Oh, that dog is absolutely precious.

.Candy. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUNCAN!!! That dog is amazingly charming! Bet he's really great to cuddle with!


Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

aww what a sweet fuzzy! so presh! happy bday duncan and drewy! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

All of the photos with you and your family dog are too cute!

Shalyn said...

I LOVE your furry friend!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

You are so cute, Chelsea. What a sweet little blog you have here!

Happy birthday to your friends!! :P

LCR said...

what a sweet post:) happy birthday to the sweet doggy and friend of yours:) I hope they have great days!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a fluffy and furry lump of doggie love! Aww! I just want to squeeze him! :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww happy birthday to Dunkie and your friend. Please give Dunkie a warm hug for me. He is adorable!

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