Friday, June 17, 2011

i always....

knock 3 times on the outside of the plane for good luck

sneeze when I look up at the sun

wear socks to bed

... kiss Stone twice

... celebrate my half birthday

... order french toast while out to breakfast

... say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit on the first of every month for a good luck month

... make a peace sign or kissy face in pictures.

and i alwaaaays love, love, love fridays


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i think if there was a "best blogger body award" it would go to you. just sayin. creepy? never.

jayme said...

i always get stoked when i read your posts. always always always.

have a WONDERFUL weekend!

xo doll face girl crushhhh

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hahaha... Why on earth do you say Rabbit every month?? I too love throwing the peace sign. That picture collage is hilarioussss! <3

Ashley said...

Cute pictures! You are sooo pretty! Happy Weekend doll :)

Young and Fabulous said...

the peace sign is a MUST in at least one photo!

i need to knock on the outside of flights before hand..great idea.. I am a HUGE scardey cat when it comes to flying

thats so cute you say rabbit rabbit rabbit haha love it


Ashley said...

i ALWAYS love reading your posts! and i'm a kissy face-er too!

this was such a fun post.

happpy friday!

Tucker said...

haha totally agree with jenni! BBB best blogging body.

all these facts made me a even MORE obsessed with you.

Happy Friday!

Rissy said...

hahaha love the kissy face and peace sign poses.

kissing stone twice is precious

happy weekend!!!!


katOUT said...


Suzzie V said...

haha. You are adorable. I love the kissy face. It's a great signature.

Megan said...

I always try to say "rabbit, rabbit" and I ALWAYS forget!!

ashley.warner said...

love the signature pose, you fabo celeb, you!

Shalyn said...

Love the tourist pose (peace sign)- its our favorite:-) and socks to bed? Crazy.