Tuesday, June 28, 2011

life is a jokester

and sometimes all you can do is laugh

like the time i arrived home after a long day of work, groceries in hand to realize i left my apartment key at work and had to drive all the way back.

or the time i dropped my milk at my doorstep and it exploded. everywhere {sorry neighbs}

or the time i was walking to work in a rain storm and my umbrella went inside out

or the time i was racing to make it to church on time and got pulled over

or the time i missed my flight to go visit stone.

if i've learned anything, its this:

life is funny. laughter is the best medicine. and to enjoy the wild, crazy, wonderufl ride.
so, i can't help but wonder, what's next?

but one little request...
please oh please be gentle.


Rissy said...

aww I hope life takes it a little easier on umm "making you laugh" in the near future...

I love your take on this stuff though... you rock.


xoxo, dania said...

love your pictures! they are always so adorable!

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I could not have said it better. Life is funny. Always will be. Your "milk laugh" story made me laugh because it happened to me at some point and all I could do was laugh. Loved it, although cleaning it all up wasn't fun, but sometimes you just got to laugh! :)

Thanks for sharing this girl.


Jenna said...

I needed this post today!! Thanks so much :)

The Coach's Wife said...

so true girl! I've dropped milk on the front porch too.. because I get determined to lug everything inside with one trip. :-) thanks for the reminder to just laugh about it!

anthony stemke said...

You definately got the right idea. I laugh all the time because what are you going to do? cry ?

Gentri said...

Love this. :) I'm definitely someone who stresses to have things perfect, so I need to remember this.

Jordan said...

I had to go to the ER yesterday because I sprayed gasoline all over myself while I was filling up my tank. Sucked royally at first, but then all I could do was laugh. My life is a joke.

Sometimes life doesn't happen the way you want it to, but laughter always makes it better. :)

Ashley said...

i hope this is not all in one week lovebug!

if it makes you feel better...i spilled an entire bottle of olive oil in my pantry as i was trying to rush out the door for work....and yes, i laughed the whole time i cleaned it up.

died at your comment this morning....i bet it was a special joy watching me on mute! hahaha

Megan said...

sometimes i laugh after i cry. still count?

Shalyn said...

This post pretty much sums up my life lately, ha! Love your positive attitude:-)

jayme said...

you and your posts make me laugh and smile! i'm so happy life has settled down a little bit for me and i can get back to my bloggy life and youuuuu! xoox ...wanna meet me in florida this weekend!?

ashley.warner said...

love lifes little moments.
how ironic that you're drivin to church and ya get pulled over?! wth!


Miss Chelsea said...

oh lord ive had so many moments like this!! if you cant laugh at youself what can yah laugh at though!? =)

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