Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sometimes at work...

I work in a little cubicle 5 days out of the week.
and I like it.

But every so often, work in general can get a little bit routine.

and little breaks are necessary.
I am a big believer in this.

so sometimes....

...i make (& then mail) silly bracelets to my friends
... create a mustache for the mustache party i was invited to 
{ady only you would throw a mustache party}

... get so excited for holidays and draw my friends a picture

(pretty accurate drawing compared to the real thing.. right?)

...  compare co-workers to Jimmy Carry

...send Stone love notes

but its sort of hard to be all work and no play 
when your boss does stuff like this:


Ashley said...

oh la la! where do you work? i want to come play!

PS - that bracelet is totally hot! i would totally wear it.

PPS - yes, i want to be real -life stalkers...i will FB you my digits lata ;)

Jenna said...

Your boss sounds amazing!!!

Love your little break ideas. Anything with Hello Kitty on it just makes me smile.

Young and Fabulous said...

get me a job where you work okay?? and then send me a bracelet! really...those are the cutest things ever!

im creepin like ashley..gimme yo digits! i'll let you live vicariously through my unemployed life by texting you pics of me sitting on the couch, me eating, me drinking, me watching re-runs of every real housewife episode..oh who am I kidding I miss my cube :-(

and your halloween costume was AWESOME


Rissy said...

I want a bracelet.. I'd wear it everyday and tell people it was from my friend Chelsea (but I'd prob leave out the part that we are blog friends who haven't met in real life part)

Jealous of the bar... for sure... I did have a refreshing beer at work last week though... shhh

oh p.s. check your facebook!

Anonymous said...


Megan said...


The Coach's Wife said...

I have to take little breaks too.. as in right now..:-) or working in my little cube drives me nuts! I send silly e-cards to my hubby.. and your boss sounds awesome! I think all us cube-slaves are jealous right now!

Alex said...

I so wish I worked in an office like that!!

Natasha said...

The bracelets, silly drawings and moustaches ideas are great ways to spend those boring hours at work. I love this post! xxx

Jen said...

Love it :) fun little breaks like these are totally necessary!

sherri lynn said...

I need to take little breaks like that all the time too. Your boss sounds awesome!

Samantha said...

What a great idea...everyone loves getting mail :)

Shalyn said...

...and I thought I was having fun at home! Who woulda thought I needed to get myself into a cubicle? Love it!

Jordan said...

I hope when I get a grown up job my boss is as cool as yours!