Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't wish time away...

i was phone chatting with my mommy dearest last night
talking about life. and work. and my upcoming trip to our beach house.

i started telling her about my new calender countdown i started at workiepoo
you know, until stone's last game(54).. until the start of football season(50)...etc

and then, she said something that sort of surprised me
 "i don't want you to wish time away"

i thought about this for a while afterwards.
its so easy right?
you can spend every day wishing for something.

 i don't want to be guilty of that.

well a little guilty is okay...because I'm pretty sure its impossible to not look forward to
 another pretty summer weekend as soon as Monday morning rolls around

it's so important to remind yourself to stop.
 take a moment to look around and see all the good things around you
there are so many.
stone, and alabama football and vacations and other pivotal times in my life will come,
but i will never have this moment again.

Mom's are good like that.
they make you think.
i mean its normal. we get excited
but its also important to just slow down and give thanks to the universe for the wonderful, amazing things this life brings us.

read her bloggie here


Young and Fabulous said...

aw your mom sounds SO cute and sweet! :-) I really like that quote dont wish time away..i find myself always counting down to fun days or vacations...this is so true. moms are the best

oh and HI..umm if i recall your beach house is mere minutes (or maybe an hour) from like...if you have any down time you should like...LET ME KNOW! and then we can have a fab time


Ashley Slater said...

great reminder! sounds like your momma really loves and cares about you and I love that!!!

Chelsea said...

Aren't moms just the best? That's an awesome piece of advice. I find myself wishing time away sometimes as well. I've always considered it good to have something to look forward to, but I know it's important to live in the moment. That's something I'm working on :) Thanks to your sweet mom for this!!

Carly said...

Great reminder to keep our minds in the present moment!
<3 thanks :)


Rissy said...

this was the perfect post for me to read... time and place and thought and all just worked! awesomeness

I find myself wishing for the next, the future, the later all the time! I have GOT TO STOP DOING THAT!

for example, today could not be more gorgeous. Maybe I should carpe diem!!


Tucker said...

well said chelsea dearest.
could not agree more.
what a wise little mama owl that kat is.

Miss Chelsea said...

I was just thinkin about this the other day! I can't wait for vacation at the end of August, but then again I don't want the end of August to come because that means the end of summer!!

Lynn said...

What a great post - and so true! I myself am guilty of waiting for new things to come or counting down, but definitely can use this reminder to live in the "now". Thanks!!!

Eva said...

so true, and a very good reminder! :)

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

Agreed! Never wish time away!

Britt said...

My dad tells me this all the time. It is such a bad habit of mine. If it was the weekend all the time we wouldn't have this problem! :)

Erin said...

That really is great kind of reminds me of how when I was little and would go on a overnight field trip or even just to a sleepover, I would always thing about how much fun i was having and how eventually itd be over...and then before I knew it I was headed home

Michelle said...

Your mom is so not wish the time away because once it's's gone.

That's why I am trying to not stress out about wedding plans anymore...I'm going to enjoy the few months I have!!!

Great post!!!!

Ashley said...

mama healy is so smart! and this is so true!

it's our one week meet-a-versary tomorrow! :)


...and yes, teen mom is amazeballs!

ashley said...

My mom says something similar. Mommys are the* best!! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very true! We often take things for granted..

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that! I completely agree with what she said.

Shalyn said...

I love this post. It reminds me of the song "Your gonna miss this" by Trace Adkins- makes me cry everytime I hear it and reminds me to enjoy life NOW!

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