Monday, July 18, 2011

so college

the weekend weather was so beautiful

i also got to pretend for a little i was in college again since a couple of our pledge sisters were in town 
so, you know, i felt jello shots were in order.
and as a college throw back, i made them in condiment cups. courtesy, of Arbys.
{poor boy thought i was awfully strange asking permission to take so many}

and now its Monday

and i'm having a teeny bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things
starting this morning, when i placed my cup of coffee in the cup holder that just so happened to be holding one of my earrings too
resulting in earring poking hole in cup = coffee squirting everywhere = me driving, holding cup out the window until i reached a trashcan.

so, that wasn't very fun.

happy monday!
just a couple of more days til i see my baseballboyfrannn


Meghan said...

I love the jello shots! What a fun time with the gals!

Young and Fabulous said...

oh this post makes me smile!

jello shots are so college. I miss being college. Can we go back yet? real life is no fun!

i love sunglass nights at 6 PM...especially sunglass nights at 8 PM! Im gonna miss when this when it starts getting dark at like 4 PM

can i express my jealousy over your teeth? So white and perrrty! whats your secret


Alex said...

Oh jello shots. That are so very college. I let my inner-college girl out this weekend in Vegas. I understand waht you mean about having a hard time getting back in the swing of things this Monday.

Miss Chelsea said...

yum jello shots =)

Jenna said...

Hahah- the condiment cup jello shots are hilarious. Love that you snagged them from Arby's!

And that's so random and weird about your earring poking a hole in your coffee...sounds like such a Monday morning thing to occur!

dana @ wonder forest said...

haha sounds like a fun weekend. the hole in the cup definitely doesn't sound too fun though haha
xo dana

Shalyn said...

Oh my gosh, your poor coffee cup- what a freak accident, seriously!

Ashley said...

haha love the jello shots - so festive!

and heck yes for seeing that boyfran pretty soon! i'm excited for you!!!!!!!

Major Gal said...

sorry about the coffee/earring fiasco, but that's some funny stuff. it would so happen to me. love it.