Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dearest baseball,

with the season dwindling down, i do believe there are a couple of things i won't really miss.

...i won't miss Austin having games every.single.night. it gets in the way of phone time and makes skyping  a very rare occurrence.

...i won't miss being half asleep sometimes when his games are over.

...i won't miss no cell phone service at different ball parks.

...i won't miss rain delays or double headers

...i won't miss sad goodbyes.

okay, super. so, that is my list.
so hurry right along, because boyfriend time is fun. and i am growing antsy.


ps. happy HALF birthday to one of my favs: wesley!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great that the season is almost done!

jayme said...

ahhh! yayyy!! now chelsea + stone get to live the jayme + john life !! i'm so happy for you guys! xo whats next? does he come to you or what? email me?

Rissy said...


seriously... agree. agree. agree....etc ; )

Jenna said...

Ooohh man- sounds like baseball really should end asap!

Young and Fabulous said...

aw i love this!! im excited for baseball to end for you! haha but im sure you had fun at the games meeting lots of interesting people ;-)


Tucker said...

baseballl.... ugh, gets in the way of quality time i tell ya! hope it passes swiftly ... err, i mean hope you make it to the playoffs austin... (:

The Coach's Wife said...

I hear ya on the double headers! the team my husband plays on always has them and they take up the WHOLE day. Ugh.

Shalyn said...

I cannot belive he plays every single night- NOT easy for you, I am sure! Yay for the season being over soon!

wildchild said...

i found you through across the pond i think? and i'm glad i did :) you're funny, kid.

and i totally get the whole awful, annoying long distance thing. my man's deployed. he'll be home in just a month now, but i have a thousand things on my list of things i won't miss when he finally gets back in my arms.