Monday, August 22, 2011

dry spell, over!

this weekend i got to celebrate the very happy birthday of one of my girlfriends

i just do not like to go long periods of time without a birthday celebration
it had been exactly one MONTH since my half birthday
and a whole month without decorating doors, balloons, streamers, and obnoxious party favors, is like

... a day without sunshine
... Alabama without football
...southern summers without air conditioning

basically, birthdays. i love them. even when its not mine i'm celebrating.

birthday girl sandwich:

the birthday fairy strikes again.....

and then i drove off into the sunset
are you intimidated?
are you?


katOUT said...

When you get to be this Kat's age...birthdays could skip to every other year! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

haha this is AWESOME!

i wish i lived in atlanta so we could properly celebrate my half birthday

you are such an awesome friend :-D

and i am loving your outfit. HOT HOT HOT!!


Rissy said...

my birthday is October 17th.. ya know in case you want to book a flight ; )

Jessica Wray said...

i'd love to have you around for my birthday! ;) ^ haha - I just noticed, Rissy, the girl above me had the same idea.

You popular birthday fairy, you!

Rebecca Bany said...

Sounds like you had a great time and your friend had a great birthday.

Megan said...

Hahaha. You are TOO cute! My birthday is in November, so feel free to come and celebrate!

Megan said...

totally fearing for my life now that ive seen you on the motorcycle. badass.

one word


Ashley Slater said...

you love birthdays thhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt much huh ? well you can plan my next one if you want. January 30th and I want it to involve a slip and slide and mojitos. mmmm. :)

Ashley said...

i think your outfit is the reason Atlanta was so damn hot today.....all that leftover hotness! ;)

Michelle said...

So, I'm reading your post and I see the sign that the birthday fairy left for your friend and I burst into song...."SWEET CAROLINE...bum bum bum...."

My dog gave me a look like I was crazy. Oh well.

Now I have that song in my head!!!

My birthday is in 44 days. I turn 30. Can the birthday fairy visit my blog?