Thursday, August 18, 2011

Growing old is mandatory.. growing up is optional

the other afternoon I was sitting in my cubicle while at work.
I had just returned from a quarterly claim review of one of our clients most costly/problematic work comp. claims

As I sat there drinking my coffee, working on our monthly reports, thinking about that meeting
 I suddenly felt like a true grown up.

and you know what? it felt pretty good.
I then looked down at my afternoon snack and laughed.

animal crackers and fruit snacks...
i know... baby steps.

so this is growing up.. or something like it

and i like this in between stage. this balance i've maintained between past me and future me
and i think id like to live in this stage for a long, long time.
to never take myself too seriously

{because I'm pretty sure its impossible to cut fruit snacks out of my grown up diet. impossible i tell you}


Rissy said...

that first part was basically a foreign language to me so you got me in the growing up department... and now I'm hungry. dang!

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah this is all so so true. At my old job, I was scheduling stuff and writing things down one day and I was like holy a grown up with a cubicle!

i love animal crackers. i always lay them out to see what animal it is. #childish

I am starting my new job next week...back to grown-up-ness!


Bay Park Dream said...

Hm growing up.. is overrated ;)
Animal crackers and fruit snacks... so not overrated :)


Ruth said...

Haha! My desk at work is strewn with papers and looks like I'm a proper little scientist, however I still doodle the odd loveheart in my lab book every now and again... A packet of jelly babies wouldn't go a miss either!

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

LOVE animal crackers. I bite their heads off first because that makes it seem more humane - like I'm putting them out of their misery. And I have been bringing Fruit by the Foot to work for the last month, and everyone has been laughing at me, but I can't help it - they're SO good! Yay for growing old but not growing up! :)

Shalyn said...

I love animal crackers! I always complain about being grown up but that night when I am eating lemonheads and skittles for dinner I sure dont mind;-)

JRuud said...

First time at your blog, and can I just say I LOVE THIS POST! I'm the "biggest-kid" ever and I always will be. I know that life goes on, but I think the way a child thinks and imagines through creativity is brilliant. But I won't go on and on about that.

PS: Fruit snacks & animal crackers are the greatest!

Ashley said...

those are welch's fruit snacks arent't they?! haha i know - because i eat them on the daily. yummmm!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Your title says it all perfectly :)

Marina said...

I am not interested in growing up :)

oomph. said...

too funny...i buy fruit snacks "for the kids"...but i end up eating them. all.