Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy one week until the end of baseball season

can you eeeeven believe it?
one week from today my long lost boyfriend's, long baseball season will come to an end

well okay - sort of

i'm not sure if i'm April foolsing myself or not

while this is the last week of  games... his team is right on the edge of making Playoffs for the post season
so that might mean another 2 or so weeks of baseball

because you know 150 games from April to Sept. is not enough. not enough i tell you!

play-off making is good. so i am giving this my Chelsea stamp of approval.
i've already waited 6 months. i can entertain myself a little bit longer.
i've gotten pretty damn good at it


Rissy said...

I applaud you for being so independent... seriously!

and yea isn't that always a weird feeling... I'm happy for you, really I am but uhh can you still maybe lose and be ok with that? haha

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Aww! You can always visit him again and then we can have a blate. :)

Ashley said...

so does this mean he gets to come back to ATL and live with you during off-season? will i get to meet the infamous stone? let me know and i'll have some "ashley approved" stickers printed up ;)

Ashley said...

awwww...aren't you the bestest girlfriend eva ;)

Anonymous said...

The last weeks of the regular season are like groundhogs day. Short winter or Long winter ahead?! Mini C

katOUT said...

Go Stone...and the Reading Phillies! Go Chelsea!

Chelsea said...

Aww, girl that must be so tough to have him away for so long. If they do make it to playoffs, not only would that be awesome, but it'll just be another two weeks! So, that's good news :) I'm so excited for you to have him back!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What a supportive gf - it must be hard but good for you! Good luck to him and his team!

Sophie said...

ahh wow!!! this is SO SO excitingggggggg! cant wait until you two amazing love birds reunite for good! xx

Michelle said...

Yay!!!! Good luck to his team! Hope they make the playoffs!!!

I love your stamp of approval! So cute!

Candace said...

It is no fun to be apart from your favorite person. I do however hope they make the playoffs but if he doesn't that would be okay too;)

Young and Fabulous said...

exciiiiited for you!! eeee!!

so will he be moving to Atlanta with you!?! update me on yo life chicka!!


Tucker said...

ummm my dad was the roving coach a few years ago and went up to reading for this very team (:

happy bball season coming to a close chels!

Consider The Lilies said...

haha the stamp of approval made me laugh out loud!

crazy how we get used to entertaining ourselves while the boys are away huh? we're just superwomen :D