Thursday, August 4, 2011

jump around, jump up and get down

so.. you know
jumping pictures.
they are my newest obsession.
seeeriously, so much fun... especially on pretty Manomet beach

sweet cousins

sister & me

 we even got our mommy dearest to join in on the jumping fun...
unfortunately, she doesn't usually dress in skull tee shirts.
which is really such a bummer

this picture just so happened to be taken at our pirate themed family party.
this is normal.
and you wonder where i get my love of celebrations from...

my jump is on its way to perfection.
yours would too... if you had cousins like this to teach you:

i know. they are so adorably cute

one day ill stop talking about manomet.
but that day, is not today :)


Michelle (michabella) said...

I heart these jumping pictures. Teach me your ways ;)

Catherine said...

yay for jumping pictures!

they all look great!

Rissy said...

ok I love your family (Id say is that creepy? but what about blogging isnt slightly creepy?)

pirate themed party? seriously.. this needs to happen in my family

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

manomet beach IS pretty!

katOUT said...

Apparently I need to practice jumping!

Young and Fabulous said...

im such a failure at the jump pic! I am either too high and out of the picture....or too slow haha!

you and your fam are jump PROS!

your moms pirate shirt is just obsessed!

that one of you and all your cousins should be FRAMED! i love it!


Chelsea said...

Soooo cute! You guys are definitely masters at the jumping pictures. It takes skill!

Miss Chelsea said...

I love jumping pictures!!

Major Gal said...

i need to go to this beach. i love that you vacation with your extended family. it's so wonderful<3

Shalyn said...

That group picture with the little girl in the middle is THE BEST! too cute!

Ashley said...

i love these photos!! jumping pictures are the best people always looks so happy doing them! these are great <3

Jenna said...

I want to go do a jumping picture now! Sooo fun!

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I love jumping pictures!! They are SO SO fun! You really do have it perfected. Your hair and smile look perfect!!

That's Ron said...

star jumps!!! they rock

Kara said...

jumping for joy!
i'm a terrible picture jumper- wish i had cute cousins to teach me!
i have loved following your blog!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love all of these!

John said...
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