Monday, August 8, 2011

on a more serious note.... trusting your intuition

i have a little question.

you're in a hallway waiting for an elevator late at night. Elevator door opens, and there is a guy inside. And he makes you afraid.  You don't know why, you don't know what it really is. Some memory of the building--- whatever it may be. 
would you get in?

Oprah asked her audience this question several years ago.  my momma was watching that particular afternoon and posed the same question to the younger version of myself.

my answer was yes. I'd get in the elevator.
when asked why, I told her because i wouldn't want to be rude or have the elevator door close in his face.

and you know what? i guess i was not alone in these thoughts.

Oprah's episode was about the importance of women following their intuition.  

They said that conditioning and fear lead MANY women to try to be nice to people whose very presence make them fearful and uncomfortable... they urged women to not ignore their intuition.. that when we do, we run the risk of making choices that are not in line with our true selves.

i can remember having this conversation with my mom so very vividly.
so i don't know why this past weekend i didn't listen to my own intuition.

while out with some girlfriends I put my phone down for about 5 minutes.  It was picked up and taken… which is sooo not fun. after all, i need my phone to live.

the next evening i headed to Verizon to see if someone could help this damsel in distress.
i ended up buying a new phone. at 8, the store closed,  but since the sales assistant was in the middle of activating my new phone, he offered to stay until it was finished.  it was just us two left in the big empty store.
that alone made me uncomfortable.

he asked if it was okay if he locked the door since they were closed, i said yes, it was fine.
but i didn’t FEEL fine.
one thing led to another and he then proceeded to talk about his strong religious beliefs, about getting into Heaven, about Baptism, that i would not get into Heaven if i wasn't baptized as an adult and even asking to lead me in prayer.
I was uncomfortable again.

I was raised Catholic. Baptized as a baby. Attended mass almost every Sunday. Received my first Communion, went through years of Sunday school and made my Confirmation.
Our beliefs… well, they are different. 
but different is okay.  
The way in which someone chooses to define God is between God and themselves.  
I would never try to change something that anyone believes so strongly.
Religious discourse is expected among faiths. 

But so is respect.

That is besides the point- 
what made this wrong in my eyes was where this talk was taking place.
..after hours, in a place of business while providing a service I so desperately needed
I was uncomfortable, but ignored my intuition because I wanted to be nice, got my new phone and headed home around 9 at night.

after talking to my dad he provided some much needed clarity to the situation. dad's a pretty great like that. once again, i am reminded to always trust my intuition.  even if I’m wrong every time.  
To not put myself in a situation just because i want to be NICE. 

these parents of mine, they are always making me think. helping me grow. in life, in relationships in my beliefs. and for that i am very thankful.

** my dad called yesterday, the man denied the entire conversation. saying no such thing happened ! ... i know.


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I wouldn't get in the elevator. I am a jumpy, paranoid person. Sometimes my intuition is wrong, but sometimes it isn't. I am generally a good judge of character and I can tell who I can trust and who I can't.

As far as the Verizon guy, I can't believe that they left a male employee alone in the store with a female customer. There are so many things that could have happened. If I were the store manager, I'd have left a female employee with the female customer. Not being sexist, but being safe.

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

honestly, i don't know if i would get in the elevator. i WOULD feel bad if i didn't, but i know i'd feel worse if i did...

and the whole verizon situation just seems...odd and honestly a bit scary. i totally understand where you're coming from. following your intuition is a definitely the way to go.

Michelle (michabella) said...

I very much trust my intuition. I watch too many crime shows, lol. But seriously. A pretty girl like yourself should not be alone in situations like that. Or at least carry some mace on your keychain. Yes...I do. In a pink case. It's awesome and smart. And yeah... I wont go into that guy forcing religion down your throat. I am not a fan of people like that. Trust that intuition pretty girl!

Miss Chelsea said...

I'm with Michelle.. I totally carry mase! I worked retail for many years and that was always a BIG nono (only one employee left in the store with a customer)... have you considered contacting Verizon with your concern?

Dawn said...

I am all for trusting intuition! Whether or not someone thinks I am rude is not my concern when it comes to safety. Trust your gut girls, God is all for safety. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo Hope all is well with you Chelsea!!!

Rissy said...

I have to start off by saying I am totally creeped out for you..

although I can't think of a specific example right now, Ive been in a like situation... just totally creeped out.

way to go daddy-o!!!

Glad he didn't go beyond the religious zealot talk...

Young and Fabulous said...

wow chelsea! Like Rissy, I am also creeped out for you. That gave me chills!

I'm just like you though..I dont follow my intuition, mainly because I like to be nice and dont want to run away from a person or make them think i am scared of them

my friennds and i were leaving a bar one night around 2 AM and were heading to our car (dont worry we had a DD!!) and there was 1 or 2 other cars in the parking lot...along with a group of 5 guys. We were definately nervous because they were drunk, and cat-calling, the whole shebang. They started to call out to us saying Hi and asking what we were doing. I felt too scared to run because I didnt want them to think we were scared of them. It was just a very creepy situation!

Glad your dad called the guy though! I cant believe he denied the whole thing! jeez!


Selma *Crazy Little World Of Mine* said...

Oh wow, I would have totally freaked out at the Verizon store...creeeepy, and yes, as a mutual Catholic girl I totally agree to what you said. No repetition necessary.
We just talked about intuition last night. Signs we know tell us something and we still don't follow them. :(

Happy Monday girl.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh that story is crazy! I totally agree with you, it is vital that we pay attention to how our bodies are feeling. I believe our intuition is the small whisperings of the spirit helping us. That guy could have done more then just talk about the religion! Thanks for the reminder to be extra cautious and careful.

Natasha said...

If I felt that something wasn't right, I'd follow my intuition. It's better to be safe than sorry, even if you feel you're protecting someone else by being "nice" whilst your safety could be at risk. I'm so sorry that guy kept you in the store talking for hours, that's crazy. A man at my Mum's workplace always brought up that question even though she's a Christian and has her own belief system. xxx

Lu said...

I'm glad you blogged about this because I feel like I am always sacrificing my comfort/intuition in order to be nice...glad to be reminded that it's better to trust those instincts!

Jet said...

So I was with my mom one time at night and we pulled up to the ATM. She got out walked up to the machine and then turned back around and got in the car. I was like "Why aren't you getting cash?" and she said "Something doesn't feel right." So we left. Turns out we found out in the paper the next day that someone had been robbed at gunpoint at that VERY ATM!
After that I always trust my gut. There's creepers out there. xo- Jet

Whitney said...

loved that you blogged about this. it is so true for us gals. always, always trust that voice inside. ps: i love that you dad called him, mine would have done the exact same thing. daddys are the greatest!

Ashley said...

Chels! that is so creeper-tastic love. I hate that! So not cool. Glad you got your life line yet but sorry you had to have such a creeper experience.

this was a great post as I think ALL "single" or unaccompanied girls nee to her this. I try to be "nice" too often and you are so that intuition!

Kara said...

Trusting your intuition is so important. Great post, girl!

Kara said...

p.s. cute blog!

Tucker said...

Ughhhh i want to claw his eyes out. too harsh ? (:

but seriously, unprofessional. and RUDE.

thanks for the reminder to trust my intuition over being nice - which is ultimately to trust my gut over what I fear someone might think of me. a stranger! why do i ever care what strangers think in situations like that? But it happens.

anyway, thanks for the reminder chelsiekins!

Ashley said...

Wow, what a crazy experience! It truly sounds unreal to me, but I'm sorry you had to go through that! At least you got a new phone :) I def agree with you on the faith topic! 100%

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH - Good Read tho - U are wicked smart - mini C

Sabrina Mallah said...

Chelsea! THank you for linking this post to me! What a great reminder to really trust your gut feeling! You parents seem like the best EVER.

I totally agree with you in the fact I would probably just get in the elevator because I wouldn't want to be rude. But there is something to be said about gut feelings and intuitions. Thanks again for linking this to me! I just adore you!