Thursday, August 11, 2011

someone is going to have very good karma

the email i received last night was the perfect ending to my night. week. life {too much?}
my blackberry was found. hallelujah.

you know, even though its almost a week later
 and even though i had to go through all that trouble with creepy Verizon man
{i may have checked the back seat of my car before driving, just to make sure he wasn't going to pop up}
and even though i ended up buying this new phone.
this new smart phone...
smarter than ME phone.

its much too difficult.
i like my comfort and my blackberry is comfort.
 and touch screen phones... well they just aren't for me. not right now.
maybe one day when I'm feeling big and brave and futuristic.

so moral of the story:
if you find something, turn it in. give it back
because karma exists and to whoever returned my phone...

well i hope they get all the lucky karma vibes i am sending them today

aaand girl and her blackberry lived happily ever after


Tucker said...

i love you. god bless the person that turned it in.

story time on my end - lost my passport in berlin on the way home. emailed/called/sent SOS smoke messages to the sky in hopes someone would pick it up. Got the email today that someone has turned it in to the police station.

we've been very good girls somewhere along the line to lose things and have them return back to us (:

Raquel said...

yay so glad that you found your phone! And thats really nice of the person to have turned it it. Now-a-days, that never seems to happen anymore. I've lost so many things and never had them turned back in. Whenever i find a anything, i always turn it in! It's just the right thing to do. I specially started doing this after i lost my promise ring that my boyfriend gave me, at the Miami airport. It seriously broke my heart that no one turned it in :(

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'm on team blackberry forever. sorry, team iphone!

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

that is SO lucky that you got your phone back! LOTS of good karma to whomever returned it!

Young and Fabulous said...

did youuuu get an iphone?!?! let's facetime!! haha

so glad someone turned it in!! there are nice people out there somewhere haha

a friend lost a wallet with a bunch of graduation money in it and someone returned it...ALL the money was still there! literally we were AMAZED


Jessica Wray said...

nothing worse than a lost phone. Glad you found it


Jenna said...

Yayyy! So happy you and your phone were reunited! That is such a relief, I'm sure!

I also can't get into the whole "touchscreen" thing. I hate finger smudges. How am I supposed to use a screen covered in finger smudges? I will also be sticking to my Blackberry for a while... lol

Shalyn said...

That is so great of the people to return it to you- I am happy for ya!

Ashley said...

it was me...i found it in turned it in. do you think karma will give me ryan reynolds in return? ;)

did you go back to your bberry or are you sticking with the smart tarty phone?


Miss Chelsea said...

This Ashley chick lied... I turned it in... I like ryan reynolds but I'd rather have mattyMc. Please karma please