Thursday, September 29, 2011

a dinner date

last night stonebug and i went on a dinner date.
i have so missed those while he's been away
 the little things. they're my fav.

 like yummy sushi dins
sexy trio, volcano, calamari roll

eeexcept for the calamari sushi roll.
i just couldn't swallow. i couldn't. i can't.
don't make me.
it sounds better in theory


Brooke said...

I'm number 402!!!

Meg O. said...

Why ohhhh whyyyy did I read this post????? One of the many things I can't eat while pregnant is sushi (except for cooked/veggie). I miss it so much!!!

Rissy said...

eeek you so popular! : )

jayme said...

wowzers.. congratts on 4hundo!! i'm far behind ya. ha.

Suzie Q said...

Where did you dine? This sushi does look yummo! I'm on the hunt for the best sushi in Atlanta!

Happy four hundred!

Marshall said...

its midnight here and you're making me soo hungry. now I have to go eat a late night snack to be able to fall asleep. dang your delicious photo!!!!

Jess... said...

I wish I liked Sushi! Everyone I know absolutely LOVES it and always has a great time "going out for sushi"... but I just can't get into. Bummer! Haha. It looks amazing though.


genelle said...

I love sushi, and dinner dates, and just eating in general. This yummy picture makes me want to grab my honey and go get some sushi!

Congratulations for 400 followers!

Young and Fabulous said...

wooooo 400! girl u so POP!

i had sushi for lunch today at work OMG YUM! i have never tried the calamari sushi role before...but today I did have some spicy tuna for the first time. HELL YA


Amanda said...

Congrats on 400!!
And that sushi looks amazing! Such a fun date night :)

Samantha said...

hmmmm love sushi! And sushi love bug just started like sushi :)

Nicole Rene said...

I hear ya, dinner dates are the best :) & oh boy that sushi pic is making me drool. I was craving chocolate ice cream but now I might be craving choc ice cream AND sushi... haha :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Can you believe i've never tried sushi!?!?

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