Thursday, October 27, 2011

bookcases and beer and love!
the stars have aligned.
my new prettiest bookcase was delivered yesterday
we met. fell in love. moved in together
i  move fast.

of course, i knew it would be arriving, i tracked it every 5 minutes
and i mooost certainly made sure to prepare for it

immediately calling my construction crew and notifying them of another new project i had up my sleeve
and when i say crew, i really mean Stone.
because he is the handiest. and the handsomest.  

he said if i rewarded him with a 6 pack of sweetwater ipa, his absolute favorite, then he was in. 
... like he had a choice
boys are so easy

he did make me giggle though, asking  if i provide health insurance for my employees. 
i don't. sorry...i just provide beer

so you know, drill here, screwdriver there, drill some more, assemble, assemble, assemble

{with no real effort on my part, just "your doing great" ... "its so pretty!"... "your break is over"}

la la la and boom!

i think if everything in my apartment could be white, on white, on white. I'd be so very happy.
{Rachel Zoe & i think alike}

 i also think that now more than ever i am so thrilled to be a GIRL
because really.... guys are just expected to know how to put stuff together.
i'd be the worst guy
girl power

now to decorating this beauty. yippppee


Rissy said...

my dearest twinsie,

As soon as you said "white on white on white" my brain bee-lined to Rachel Zoe. It's cosmic or something my dear.

You and Austin really could not be more precious. Does he have a clone? A single best friend? Teach me to be as sweet as you and maybe I will find one haha

Oh p.s. the bookcase is fabulous!

nicole said...

white on white on white is perfect.

Katie said...

LOVE IT! I love the mirrored part of the bottom. damn your hip. haha how could you not share where this beauty is from?! I'm on a need to know basis. or did I miss that part while reading?

ok, xoxo


Young and Fabulous said...

have to agree with rissy

i love this chelsea!! love love love

you are fab and so is this bookcase

you should move pretty sure you can fit into the little cabinest down bottom! ;-)


kaity said...

such a beautiful bookcase! I love the detailing on it, with the cutouts and everything. :] and white on white on white is definitely the way to go! long as you aren't too messy.

sarah said...

That is such a cute bookcase! Love white on white :)

Jess... said...

It looks fantastic!! I'm in love!

Samantha said...

Haha, pretty sure I was smiling the whole time I read this post! You write so well! And ohhhhh my gosh I love the bookcase. I'm ALSO a fan of white on white on white. :)


Bethany Hartsell said...

Love white on white...Rachel Zoe style is the best!! Where is that bookcase from?? I love!

sherri lynn said...

This bookshelf is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

Ashlee said...

Oh I just love love love this. I love White on White. It's so Elegant and Girly :)

Shalyn said...

OMG I want ittttttttt! It's gorgeous! Where did you order this from love? After all, imitation IS the highest form of flatter right? ;) HAHAHA I know you will appreciate this. Love it and love you! I die! ;)

B.Healy said...

i love love love love LOVE it!!!!! its perfect :) You'll have to help me decorate my place when I finally get my own space after college! xoxo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That is an adorable bookcase! I need one badly. Where did you order from?

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

LOVE! 'nuff said :)

Jessica Wray said...

Cauuute bookcase! I love white too! soo pretty.

Alex said...

That is GORGEOUS!!

Whitney said...

so GORGE!!!! where did you find this piece? i love it. and i agree girlfran...white on white on white is sooo fab.

Anna H said...

That bookcase is fabu! Absolutely amazing. I'm way too afraid of white - too clumsy and spill prone to life the Zoe life. But that would look amazing in any room!

wildchild said...

haha boys are definitely just expected to know these things. thank goodness we can sway them with a little bit of beer.

and it's so prettyyyyy :)

Rose Penelope said...

Ohhh!! I love your white shelf! That is beautiful. Where did you find it?
I am also a white on white on white decorator. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I love that!! I'm a big fan of white too!