Friday, October 14, 2011

made me happy this week

eating oysters for the very first time with boyfriend on Monday. it was a new food adventure and not that bad! I told him I would eat them all the time… if I was on Survivor {and food was limited}

ordering this  necklace on esty and receiving it in the mail the other day. i just love it. it screams "Chelseaaaa we are meant to be"

one of my bestest of best friends: Ady,  is up and moving back to Atlanta today. Today. Today. Today. i really cant even begin to tell you how deliriously happy this makes me. Not even an exaggeration.  Someone to do my eye make up and eat cereal out of ginormous bowls with and dance to dreams "he loves you not"  aaaand really just  have all the fun like we did in college, but now in our real life in the real world

explaining Twitter and hash tags to Stone last night and asking him to give me an example of what he would tweet if he had to at that very moment. it was funny. 

reading Shaylyn's bloggie yesterday and discovering this video for the very first time. oh my gosh. cuteness overload. i cant tell you how many times i've watch it.  i want to wear their costumes. all day. everyday. forever

my friend Katie, and her ability to capture moments in time via photography. quality work! go check it out  here, and leave a sweet comment. do it :)

getting a surprise package from my Momma yesterday....on her birthday. See that is just like her, just like i mentioned yesterday, she sent it for no reason, like she always does, with a bunch of Halloween related little things. two of them being:
napkins. spreader set. i am an adult

i know. i am such a sucker for sweet little gifts like that. thank you mom

end of list, end of week. yippeee


katie said...

Oh! I lauve the red slippers! Thanks for the shout out girly!

Young and Fabulous said...

yay for oyster experiences!! arent they yummy!!

im so happy your friend is coming to the ATL!!! Sounds like you 2 have a great history together :-)

your mom is SO sweet..SOO SOO Sweet! and i must agree...we COULD be cousins! haha


Shalyn said...

Awwww I love that I'm in your post :) I feel so special! Love youuuuuuuuu!

Ashley Slater said...

I think I am going to get my husband to go to shucker's raw bar and do oyster shooters and eat raw oysters with me tomorrow during happy hour!

did you eat yours raw or cooked??!

also, how sweet is your momma?! Love that!


Tucker said...

oysters.... not a big fan myself. but i wil, if they are around. those slippery things.

and those little girls on ellen. one of the million and one reasons i pray for girls. so so presh.

Anna H said...

Those gifts are adorable! I love anything holiday related- who says we should stop getting excited about the holidays just because we're (pretending to be) grown up?

Jordan said...

my mom always sends me holiday decorations :) so cute!

ErinAnn said...

Hahaha this makes me laugh because I explained the twitter hashtag to my boyfriend this week too! Lol. Double date soon? Miss you...

KAH said...

Yes! I loved Dream and may or may not have "he loves you not" on my ipod....


enno said...

so jealous with u...hmm..nice mom n nice relationship with ur boyfriend...:)..nice share

sarah nicole said...

What a sweet list! Moms and surprise packages are the best.

Thank you for visiting my blog!



Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've never had oysters. I don't know if I could do it!

Jess... said...

GAH totally not into oysters! Wish I was though!!

That picture reminds me of my mom & sister. At my sister's wedding last month under her dress she wore "ruby red slippers" that my mom gave her. So like them!! Haha

Emily said...

yay for oysters, your adorable necklace, and surprise packages from your sweet mom!! what a fab weekend :)

Jennifer said...

Yay for Ady being home!!

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