Monday, October 24, 2011


weekend things...

  • going out with old and new friends
  • stone singing "i've got the moves like jaggggeeer" all morning
  • Alabama game watching and cheering. oh and winning!
  • a sunshiney Saturday & Sunday
  • chickfila lemonade 
  • stone running to the grocery store and us making french toast and sausage Saturday morning... oh and drinking chocolate milk. such a great childhood throwback mmmm
  • pumpkin carving! finnallly!
this would not include watching late night forensic files and waking up from the very worst nightmare,which also involved the cast of vampire diaries? the subconscious is really something else.


Rissy said...

thank you for being a fantastic little blogger and taking pics of your weekend for us : )

oh and I know jealousy is a bad thing, but I'm a little jealous of your life... can't be helped

Ashley said...

i love that song "i've got the moves like jagggeerr" haha. gosh, i miss chickfila lemonade and sweet tea! :( cute pics lady!!

wildchild said...

well this looks perfect. and loveeee chocolate milk. and how do you look so cute, even just cheering for a football game on your couch?!

Young and Fabulous said...

i agree with rissy. Can i live your life for a day? or just visit you :-)

your pumpkin is adorable!!

woo roll tide!! (bandwagon fan because of you and because i dont know college sports haha)


Ashley C said...

Chelsea your blog never ceases to brighten my day! I love all your little anecdotes and pictures of your life (and I love that you're a fellow ADPi!). You were certainly one of the inspirations behind me starting up my own little bloggie =) Keep it up girl!

Shalyn said...

Forensic files and Vampire Diaries= two of my favorites. Love it!

Suze said...

awesome weekend minus the scariness! I had a terrible nightmare this weekend too :(

Katie said...

hoping to carve pumpkins tomorrow night! so fun. i WILL roast pumpkin seeds mmmmm so yummmyyy

love the side braid missy