Monday, October 31, 2011

Who wore it better?

stonebug and i were vampires this year for Halloween.
it just seemed like the obvious choice for me with my whole Vampire Diaries  love-obsession 
after much costume searching i ended up in the strangest of places.
the children's isle at Target, buying a little girls size large costume.
whatever, vampires can do what they want
so i ask you......

 hehe, i really do make myself laugh

happy, happy halloween!
more pictures tomorrow :)


Lauren said...

So cute! I love it! :)

Katie said...

This isn't even a contest! YOU, duh. Our costumes were somewhat yours!! you look hot. I'm loving the new layout too..looks so good.

wildchild said...

haha you definitely wore it better. and i love the new blog design! who did it?

Miss Chelsea said...

LOVE! I've been known to buy an item or two from the kids department!!! I call it innovative (as opposed to... you know... desperate?!) hahah

jayme said...

youuuu! so awesome, can't wait to see more! and umm... your blog looks fantasticcccc!!

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I love that you could fit a kids costume. I usually buy kids shoes, since I have tiny feet.

little t said...

Love this! :)

Gentri said...

Haha! Good thinking! You look great!

Megan said...

freaking hilarious..and totally something i would do. and im loving your blog layout.

Young and Fabulous said...

girrrrrrrrl those knee high boots..OW OW

you clearly wore it better. SO STINKIN HOTTTTT and i love you fit in child size. i just love you



Rissy said...

you did you did you did!

hahaha like there's even a question

and I bet you even saved money buying a kid's costume

Michelle said...

Aww you looks so cute! Happy Halloween pretty girl!

Jordan said...

girl, you look so freakin cute! happy halloween :)

Shalyn said...


And YOU of course. Girl, you got legs for days. Send me some will ya!? ;)

Sara said...

Love this! You look great! I can't believe that's a kids costume, it's perfect!

Jessica Wray said...

Works perfect!

Cailin´s Place said...

really cute!kisses!

Raquel said...

Love love loove the costume!!

kaity said...

definitely you, of course!
ps - the new blog layout is SO CUTE. I love it.

Ashley said...

i adore you! and this post - b/c i'm a tabloid junkie and i LOVE who wore it better.

PS - YOU totally killed it! i promise we will hang out soon since I bailed to run this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Adorable- it looks great on you!
Happy Halloween :)

Megan said...

I mean, is this even a real question?!

Tucker said...


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