Wednesday, November 9, 2011

birthday and laughing and bloody fingers

i have this boss.
and today is her birthday!

although, i was a bit sad when she asked us to please not decorate her office.
i mean. that goes against everything i believe in.
but! she does celebrate her birthday week. so that, i can work with.

anyways, she really is great.
she's my boss and bosses, well i think they all will always intimidate me a bit
and i think that is the way it should be
but she is also a friend and someone who makes me and everyone in our office laugh every. single. day.

you know, like the time....

1. she set up a bar outside her office, just because she wanted us all to try this new drink she had concocted.

2. the time, she went on a shopping spree, and brought all purchases back to the office and laid them out for show and tell

 this isn't even a little bit of all the stories i could share

3. the time, her favorite mascara was discontinued, resulting in her buying the rest of what CVS had in stock

4. the time we made a little card for our sweet UGA intern, comprised of just a couple of great workers comp injury pictures that unfortunately come our way.  {hope yall aren't squimish!}

laughter is important. 
but laughter at work, is so very necessary.
i'm lucky to laugh daily here


Young and Fabulous said...

this is amazing!!

your boss sounds like an awesome person to work for :-) You are so lucky!

the mascara thing...bahaha I totally did that when I noticed DOVE was going to start discontinuing one of their shampoos! THe little things us girls do to make our beauty regime happy haha

love this chelsea! Im gonna apply there. we can be cube mates and come up with more drink concoctions!


wildchild said...

haha this sounds like an awesome boss. but who wouldn't want their office decorated?! that's inhuman. not inhumane, just inhuman. ha

arianapia said...

My boss is the exact same way! She is a party and a half but does not want anyone to celebrate her birthday! She always takes vacation the week of her birthday purposely so we don't celebrate in the office.

My boss and I are very close, old school family friends. She makes me laugh every day and I thank her for that over and over again!

KAH said...

Such a cute post! You're luck to have such a wonderful boss!

Jess... said...

Haha all of those stores are awesome (especially the bar & mascara ones)! It's amazing to enjoy the person that you are REQUIRED to work for. Makes life just a liiiiittle bit easier.

Happy birthday to your wonderful boss-lady! ;-)

Rissy said...

bahaha work related stories make me giggle most I think.

And big happy birthday to your boss lady! whoop whoop

Ashley said...

sounds like you work for a mad cool boss! me too! i love my new boss - he's an older fella from texas and boy, is he a hoot! i laugh all day everyday! love it!

p.s. love you new blog look! super cute :)

Jordan said...

i want a boss just like this! but maybe a job without the bloody fingers :)

katOUT said...

Your boss sounds great...but who's better than the Cake Boss. Especially with the sweet fringe benefits!

Raven said...

love it!!! ok so this post was awesome, because it totally reminds me of my favorite job ever and my favorite boss ever. It was the job I had when I met my hubs (working at a country club) and basically, you couldn't work there unless you were willing to drink on the job.

things have settled down and changed quite a bit since I've been gone....bumps on logs now, I tell you.

anyway, my boss made me laugh my ass off all the time. For many reasons, and this comment is kind of dumb and going nowhere so I will just leave it with I understand and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!!

Shalyn said...

Your boss is my new hero...

Jessica Wray said...

Happy birthday to your boss - she seems AWESOME!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

wow! your boss sounds amazing! Where do you work? I completely agree with you - laughter at work is very necessary or else you'll never make it out alive!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

wow! your boss sounds amazing! Where do you work? I completely agree with you - laughter at work is very necessary or else you'll never make it out alive!

Ashley said...

sounds like you have a great boss! i have an awesome one too (must be an atlanta thing)! ;)

i totally giggled at the mascara - i would totally do that. a girl knows when she find a product she likes!

and she's soooo lucky to have the queen of birthday working for her!

Elissa said...

I definitely agree that bosses should always be intimidating to a healthy extent.

but that being said your boss sounds awesome! so fun. you + her together sounds like an awesome office.

Amanda said...

Bahahaha. I'm laughing out loud in my office, oops!

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