Tuesday, November 8, 2011

guest poster! Sarah from Fairy Tales are True

Hi there!
Sarah here.
I feel like an over protective big sister as far as Chelsea is concerned.
i looooove the girl.  even though we haven't met.
whatever . . . 

We have a lot of things in common.
we are two really cool humans.  with a celebrating habit.  
and we're in love with baseball players.
even though mine just retired catching baseballs for a living and is now trading stocks
 ... I'll always think of him as a baseball player.
When I look at Chelsea & Stone's relationship I smile.
And sometimes I go back.  in time.
Because dating a baseball player is special - they are all over the place for a big chunk of the year, and the rest of the year they are all yours, though you may have to share him with the gym a bit.
Though the long distance can get old, it can be exciting too.
Because you're rarely traveling to visit him in just one city, but lots.
So today, we're going to time travel.
back when i had dark hair.
back when i would visit JB at every available opportunity.
{vintage pictures here, i must really love chelsea to show some of these!}

First ever trip.
Atlantic City/ Phillie
{at a phillies game}
{pat's! where they are known for being mean... i told the man he could use some better manners.}

{Newbury Street}
{RockHall, Maryland}
{kayaking the chesapeake bay}
{west palm beach}
{palm beach}
{peanut island}
{the carribean}
{the race track in Dallas}
{fishing in mississippi.  yes, crack is whack}

So yes, there were a lot of adventures before we were married. 
Adventures shared together = good
some other baseball aspects = not so good

Here's my suggestions for coping:
1.  when you have time together, make it count.  do something fun!
2.  Take advantage of wherever you are.  
3. Take a book to get you through a couple of games.
4.  Look at them in uniform; always a sweet sight.
5.  know that the season only lasts so long.  and then he is are all yours!

It's a crazy profession but one that can be so rewarding.  
Especially when the man you love is doing what he loves so dearly - watching that is priceless.  

Thanks for having me chelsiekins.

What does all y'alls men do?  What are the ups and downs?



nicole said...

aw i love sarah and jb :)

my husband is an engineer. so he pretty much tells me what he does and i have no idea what he's talking about :)

Liz said...

aw great post, sarah! I can never get enough sarah and JB :)

lucky for me my hubby works at the same company.. and up until a few months ago in the same building, on the SAME floor. I could stand up at my desk and spy on him if I wanted to :) kind of ridiculous and kind of amaizing all at the same time!

Katie said...

this is a great post! Sarah is adorable. Thanks for sharing Chels!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

sarah is one of those rare creatures who look amazing with any hair color.

chelsea, you might be one of them too. i don't know yet. i'm just pretty sure that iiiiiii am not.

Rissy said...

ahhh I must follow her... we would probably (ya know, just assuming) have lots in common!

good work on the guest poster Chelsea. Two thumbs up.

Alex said...

Umm the West Palm Beach picture is so sweet and sexaaaay! Also, I love your dark hair.

wildchild said...

gorgeous! i am hoppin on over to check her out.

i love seeing my man in uniform too, but he's in the air force. a little different :) there's still the sucky times apart though: he actually just got home from a 5.5 month deployment. you definitely have to make your time together count.

Young and Fabulous said...

totally loving her blog and this guest post!! :-)

and i love that shes been to boston ehehe ;-)

im so in awe with how you girls handle being away from your men for some time. I did not handle it well when Kurt and I had to only see eachother once in a while. I WISH I HAD YALLS STRENGTH!


Marshall said...

haha nicole your comment made me laugh out loud!

sarah, turns out I love you as a brunette. Come back to the good side!! :)

Raven said...

ok honestly? I love how Sarah said that she feels like a protective older sister to you because you SO remind me of her and vice versa! Seriously, I have always thought that.

and I totally love you BOTH. with a passion. and whoa! Is that a pic with Sarah sporting the brown locks? who knew she used to be a brunette! Gorgeous as always though.

just love you guys.

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