Friday, November 4, 2011

one year blogaversary

this little blog of mine turns one today!
i love birthdays.  i can't help but celebrate today.

i should have known i'd love it, blogging runs in the family
it all comes so easily.  life, you make for the best stories

this little gem has become a perfect reminder to myself,
that while life isn't always perfect
and while saying goodbye to my boyfriend for 6 long, long months is oh-sooo low on my list...

happiness is a choice.
and sometimes, especially in those sad moments, you have to chose it. 
thank you all for being just the sweetest. 
the comments and the emails and the times yall have told me in person you read it
well, it all makes me happy

there are so many kind, encouraging and so very genuine people in this world
 those i know and those i know through this blog.
it's a very comforting feeling to be reminded of this almost daily to visit Austin, a pitching boyfriend, trip to spring trainingwalking 60 miles for breast cancer

so thank you again :)
happy birthday little blog!


Meg O. said...

Happy blogoversary!! Here's to many more fun posts!

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Happy Blog Birthday! don't forget that you now have a blog friend where Austin plays! :) I expect blates when you visit!

Candice said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely blog!! :)

Honor said...


Sarah said...

Congrats! Happy one year! :) I love reading your blog. Have a great weekend!

Alex said...

Happy blogoversary to you! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

so so glad i stumbled across your awesome blog back in the day! If not, I would never have apprecaited birthdays/half birthdays as much as I do becasue of YOU!

happy birthday choose to be happy!! many more years to come!!

love you girl!

wildchild said...

happy blogiversary, girl! so glad you started this thing and that i found it :)

Jessica Wray said...

Congrats, girl!!

Elissa said...

Chelsea! thank you so much for having this blog of yours. I stumbled across it this summer and it helps serve as a reminder for me to find joy in little things like the first of the month, and half-birthdays and in general to Choose to be happy! I gave you a shoutout on my blog the other day!

arianapia said...

happy blog birthday!

birthdays are the absolutely best!

So happy I came across your blog in the year somewhere.

it's all about choosing how you feel and you remind me of that. THANK YOU!

Anna H said...

Happy Blog Birthday! It seems like you've had an amazing year so far, and there's many more to come!

Raven said...

happiness is a choice, damn right! love your little space here in the blogosphere and so glad we blogmet and happy one year anniversary!!!!!

Ashley said...

happy one year chels! so glad i came across your cute lil' bloggy!

katOUT said...

Happy One Year Blogaversary, Chelsea! I choose to read your blog because it makes me HAPPY!

Brooke said...

Happy birthday bloggy. I love the design. :)

Megan said...

the blog world is a better place because you are in it..seriously. i ADORE you and am SO happy to have found you in this world. xxxx

natasha {schue love} said...

Happy One Year to your cute blog! Lots of fun things to look back on! Can't wait to get to that's really such an accomplishment! :)

Marshall said...

happy one year love! so glad to have found sweet you through it!

Shalyn said...

Happy one year- SO glad you started it so we can all be entertained;-)

Ashley said...

eeeek! i loves you and your 365-day old blog! whooop!

Meghan said...

Happy Blogoversary! So exciting!

elz said...

hey there! just stumbled over here for the first time, what great timing - happy blog-o-versary! love your writing style & artistic design, looking forward to following along.

- elz

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Blogoversary! Here's to many more!

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