Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas tree delight

we did it we did it! my beauuuty-ful Christmas tree is up!
aaactually, it’s been up since November 28th.
why delay the happiest season of all?
not me. no ma’am.

stone was such a good helper boyfriend with it all.
we were both pretty excited.
me because this was my first real tree in this apartment of mine
& stone because it was his first real tree ever.  ever. ever. poor kiddo
he laughed at my tree picking process. i just skimmed over the 6ft ones and went right to the 8 to 9.

we were worried for a quick second that the tree might be too big for my apartment. 
i told stone if that was the case then i would get rid of my kitchen table or something.
fortunately for my table, it fit just fine
and well with a new holiday on my hands comes a new obsession.
christmas ornaments.
i love them.
there are just so many fun ones.
i mean cupcakes. baseballs. sparkly things.  justin biebers face. get on my tree!
i can't stop buying them
its probably getting out of control.
but i also think it might be impossible to stop. 

not that i've really tried.
or am planning on it. 
i think i might be addicted.
well... tis the season!


Ashley said...

soooo pretty! christmas trees make me one happy girl!

you guys did a good job, chels :p

Katie said...

It's gorgeous! I get so excited to come home to our tree and decorations a little kiddo. Buying ornamnets is so addicting! do we have a hoarder situation on our hands Chels? hahaha

Rissy said...

aww youre so cute! the tree looks absolutely fabulous... but I didn't expect anything less.

we have one and a half trees up as of this second : )

Mariel Torres said...

It looks beautiful... I so excited and ready to spend this holiday season home with my love and family. I hope your holiday season is absolutely wonderful darling!

Megan said...


and ps. Stone is a really hot name.

Ashley C said...

All the Christmasy blog posts are making me so happy. We have our tree at home but right now its all nakey except for the lights. Trimming it is the project for tonight!

I would have loved to see a close up of your jbieb ornament! Hehe

katOUT said...

Your Christmas tree is pretty. I hope it stays vertical! hehe

Sarah Burton said...

Love the tree!
Please tell me you got the ornament with the Bieb's face.

Jessica Wray said...

getting the tree up is such a good feeling!

Sarah said...

Your tree looks so pretty! I haven't had a chance to get mine up yet but it's happening this weekend! I can't wait any longer. Have a great weekend! xoxo

melanie said...

your blog is lovely!
-your newest follower

Alex said...

What a beaut!!
My boyfriend has never had a real tree either. So sad!!
My tree has been up since the beginning of November [no shame], but one of my cats has chewed through the lights TWICE. The sorrows of being a cat lady.

Stephanie and Such said...

Love the tree!! The shape of it is perfect! Ours is round and plump, haha.

I love buying oranaments too. So addicting! So many cute ones, so little time :)


Lovelyladyjb said...

pretty tree! I love the holidays! :)

New follower!

Whitney said...

awwwww super pretty tree. we also got our first real tree tonight. cant wait to get it all decorated. yay for the holidays!!

Raquel said...

Gorgeous tree!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

Stone should be a wrestler! Or a boxer! Or something violent! Perfect name. I guess baseball will have to suffice.

Jessica said...

it's beautiful. i love the smell of having a real tree in the house, don't you?!
i'll be in Cuba for christmas so i couldn't put one up in my apartment this year :( well, not that i'm complaining ;) hihi

Ashlee said...

We got our christmas tree this weekend. FINALLY! It's my first real christmas tree...well..I say it is. My parents said we used to have a real christmas tree alot when I was little, but I don't remember it. SO...I say that THIS is my first real tree...and I love it. My house smells amazing. :)

Your tree is soo cute. Glad you and Stone had a blast putting it up together. :) Isn't it fun having a strong hunky boyfriend to help with the christmas decor? ;)

-Ashlee Michelle

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love your tree!!! Real ones always smell so great!

Carolyn said...

It looks so good! :)

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