Friday, January 13, 2012

dear self,

there have been a lot of nice, liiiitle moments lately i'd like you to remember
try not to forget them
they are the most important.

coming home & finding charlie bear all perched up on top of his throne.
{stone's bed making skills. the best}
and boyfriend get well dinners to help cure me from not feeling well. 

or being so consumed in a book you cant wait to read it.
you know, like on lunch breaks, and late at night and at stoplights {prooobably need to stop that one} 
but do continue to read while cozied up to your boyfriend & don't distract yourself too much but enjoy it because its those moments that are so nice and comfortable.  and soon will be very far and in between.

and keep trying new things. even little things. 
you spent 25 years of your life missing out on the best sandwich toppings ever. so wrong.  
{subway toppings, aaaall this time I thought i hated you all. but i don't. not even a little.} 
sometimes you need a really smart boyfriend or friend or stranger to push you out of your comfort zone a little.

so self.
remember these little weekly moments...
you'll thank me later.


Jessica Lynn said...

i am so obsessed with the hunger games that its not even funny!! cannot wait for the movie - might have to read the books again before then!

p.V.e said...

I am obsessed with The Hunger Games!! I was on page 104 this afternoon and I am now finished with it!! I could not put it down!!!

Ashley Slater said...

I just love you even more-- and I cannnot believe you waited so long to try subway! I LOVE it. loveeeeeeeeee.

Michelle P said...

I want to read that book so bad!

J and A said...

Great post. Love that series too, I a still reading the 3rd. :)

Renee@This Won't Hurt A Bit said...

I adore this post! Little moments are the absolute best! And I'm thinking I will start the hunger games series this weekend. Subway is amazing and I'm so glad you love it! ha.

Samantha said...

I just finished the 1st book of The Hunger Games a few days ago!! Reading the 2nd one now. Can't...put... it down!!!!


MacKensie said...

Just finished The Hunger Games today. I'm scared to start the next one because I know I won't be able to put it down! :)



Jenni Austria Germany said...

totally know that 'stoplight' feeling. i actually read it while walking to school back in september right after i started teaching in dresden...probably looked like a freak.... a freak OR belle from beauty and the beast.

lori said...

i just started reading the hunger games, too. it really sucks ya in, doesn't it?

and i like your subway comment. avocado is my FAVE topping :)

Anonymous said...

Hunger Games is the best! Wait till you get to the 2nd and 3rd books. I have recently tried new Subway toppings as well and I was not disappointed!

Consider The Lilies said...

I read the Hunger Games a few yrs back and I'd almost read them again! They're in my top favorites.

I always like these sort of nice to remember and focus on the little things sometimes :)

Sophie said...

you and stone are just the best couple ever! i love you guys. and i NEED to read the hunger games. xx

Anonymous said...

This post is ever so cute. After I'm done reading the Help ... Hunger Games is on my list next :b

Young and Fabulous said...

austin would have a BLAST making my bed because there are like 10 stuffed animals. I cant imagine the possibilities of how he could organize those guys! haha

i hope you feel better my love!! thank god for boyfriends and juice and good books!

have an excellent long weekend :-)

Bethany said...

This is the greatest post EVER. Seriosuly.

Lauren said...

Love the Hunger Games!! And sometimes I love Subway too - it's love/hate depending on which one I go to. I swear some of the stores just don't make sandwiches right and it's a shame!

Katie said...

Love Charlie Bear!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Hope your feeling better! Im back at work today, so I had to throw some cold water in my face this morning to get going. But yesterday I got to read my book, HUnger Games, too! Almost done so Im so excited!!

The Magnolia Pair


Hannah said...

I NEED to get my copy of the Hunger Games and I'm preeeetty sure that I get EVERY. single. topping. from subway every time I go. I'm a topping freak! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Jessica Wray said...

I love when my boyfriend makes my bed. Such a simple thing but it makes my heart skip a beat.

Anna H said...

I almost called in sick to work while reading the Hunger Games. The thought actually crossed my mind and I had to convince myself that part of being an adult was putting down my book and going to work....

Emily said...

such great reminders - love this. and obsessed (like so many others) with the Hunger Games -- it is one of the few books that i literally cannot put down (to eat/drink/sleep). so glad you're on the subway train -sometimes i feel like i'm the only one ;) happy weekend! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Such a cute blog! Love the idea. Definitely gonna start following!


Megan said...

Awww, this is so cute! I used to get plain sandwiches at Subway and one day I put everything on it and I was like, what the heck, this is delicious!!

Ashley said...

these are awesome moments for sure! you kow what else is awesome....that you're getting an iphone thursday (yeah i've stalked your comments) WHOO HOO!! so excited!

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